Recent funding will help OnlineTayari spread its wings

OnlineTayari, a web and mobile app platform to provide solution for online preparation for different competitive exams has managed to bag major funding recently. The investors being the likes of Mohandas Pai and 500 Startups among others.

OnlineTayari has already been downloaded over a million times in the google play store, a demonstration of the fact that the app is reaching out to the students solving their basic problems related to exam preparation. Yogesh Lodhi, a Pune based Civil service aspirant said “OnlineTayari is helping me a lot. I am a software professional, and with the current traffic mess in Pune, I spend over 2 hours commuting and I utilize this time by going through this app. The quality of the app is really good”. Abhishek Choubey, a Senior Software Engineer from Gurgaon said that he is done with the hullabaloo of IT sector and wishes to join a government organization. But the hectic schedule is precluding him to join coaching classes to train himself for the tough selection procedures. He said that he has started using OnlineTaiyari very recently and has found it a quality online platform which can be used on the go.

With growing digital penetration and access to internet, online education is spreading its feet. Though it is in its infant stage in India, given India’s huge demographic dividend, online education is a very large market. There are a lot of ‘edu’ startups that have come up in metros. But Bengaluru seems to be the breeding ground for such startups.

Education sector may seem to look as a static sector, with fixed syllabus for various exams since many years. However, with the element of digitization creeping in, it is a highly dynamic sector, and in order to survive, various coaching institutes, whether online or otherwise, have to be dynamic and dance with the tune of time. Stories of coaching institutes shutting down are not so rare.The success of Startups like OnlineTayari is something to be conjectured upon. However, one thing is for sure that with the kind of fundings they are receiving by VCs, their hopes are definitely high. And by imparting quality service, it can turn out to be a ‘holy’ cash-cow.

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