Want to buy health friendly cosmetics? Cosmethics, a Startup from Finland might help

Ever wondered how an app can help you purchase the right eyeliner for you?. Cosmethics, a Startup from Helsinki, Finland helps people make ‘smart’ product choices tailored to individual needs.

The Cosmethics app allows users to scan the product’s bar code, and then it cross references it with the pre existing settings of the app in order to help you know about the various ingredients of the product you are planning to buy. After launching the app, you can set your preferences and you can also specify the ingredients your doctor has suggested to avoid. The app will then try to find a product for you which will take care of your allergy problems, if any. Not just that, if you want any product to be analyzed specifically for you, you can request them to lab test the it.

Also there are default alerts for certain ingredients if they belong to groups like Formaldehyde, Parabens, Phthalates etc. The cosmetic explosion that we have witnessed over the last few years has also resulted in the sale of bad quality items in the market. It is very important for you to control the chemical intake in your body through  your face. Cosmethics helps you do that. This Startup has already created a lot of buzz in Europe and considering the volume of sale of cosmetics throughout the globe, one might state that this app can help women all across the globe to check their chemical intake.

Team TOS

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