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Cambridge Pixel Announces Dual Redundant Radar Tracking to Support Coastal Surveillance Systems



cambridge pixel

 SPx dual redundant radar tracking protects against system failure by providing two processing paths for the radar data & allowing automatic switching as needed

SPx dual redundancy is designed for high reliability or remote systems such as maritime & coastal surveillance applications where multiple radars are located along a coastline

Cambridge Pixel, a developer of radar display, tracking, and recording sub-systems, has added dual redundancy to its SPx Tracking Server to support high-reliability radar tracking. The enhancement will protect against system failure by providing two processing paths for the radar data and allowing automatic switching from one to the other.

Support for dual redundant radar tracking is designed for developers of high reliability or remote systems such as in maritime and coastal surveillance applications where multiple radars are located along a coastline and may be unmanned and highly inaccessible.

David Johnson, CEO, Cambridge Pixel, said: “Many of our radar processing systems are being used in complex, distributed architectures where reliability and remote monitoring are essential and many rely on our radar tracking capability to interpret the radar observations to distinguish real targets from noise.

“With support for dual redundant radar tracking within our SPx radar processing software, we can now provide customers that demand high reliability with the built-in capability to switch processors in the event of a system failure. This means that the receiving client sees a single consistent and uninterrupted stream of radar and target track data because the individual processors are programmed to manage the switch-over between themselves if needed.”

Cambridge Pixel’s SPx radar tracker is a best-in-class software-based COTS primary radar data extractor and target tracker that provides target track identification, course and speed. It is fully parameterised, highly configurable and supports multi-hypothesis tracking to improve tracking efficiency and reduce nuisance alarms, as well as modelling algorithms to support the detection of very small targets. The software is sensor independent and supports a wide range of commercial and military radars.

Cambridge Pixel has other products which assist developers and integrators with managing system wide activity. For example, SPx Monitor supports wide-area and local monitoring of network traffic and system health, providing information back to a central monitoring point which can show errors, conflicts, or an absence of data on any expected network addresses.

“We are seeing increasing demand from customers for dual redundancy and for management tools to provide a consolidated view of systems across multiple locations,” said David Johnson. “This is further evidence that the display of radar is increasingly moving up the supply chain and becoming a critical part of modern surveillance, navigation, and command & control systems.”

SPx is Cambridge Pixel’s integrated radar processing and display software based on COTS software and Open Standards. The SPx suite of software libraries and applications provides highly flexible, ready-to-run software products for radar scan conversion, visualisation, radar video distribution, target tracking, sensor fusion, plot extraction, and clutter processing.

Cambridge Pixel’s radar technology is used in naval, air traffic control, vessel traffic, commercial shipping, security, surveillance, and airborne radar applications. Its systems have been implemented in mission-critical applications with companies such as BAE Systems, Frontier Electronic Systems, Blighter Surveillance Systems, Exelis, Hanwha Systems, Kelvin Hughes, Lockheed Martin, Navtech Radar, Raytheon, Saab Sensis, Royal Thai Air Force, Sofresud and Tellumat.

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PAYMYNT, Mobile Commerce & Financial Growth App, Raises $1.1 Million in Seed Funding



PAYMYNT, Mobile Commerce & Financial Growth App, Raises .1 Million in Seed Funding

At a time when most consumers are opting to shop online, PAYMYNT Financial, a Greater Boston-based financial technology company, is gearing for a year-end launch. On Tuesday, the start-up announced a total of $1.1 Million in seed investments.

“We’re truly thankful for the votes of confidence from our investors,” Michael Rosa said, CEO, PAYMYNT Financial. “We’re rolling out some incredibly important features to our unified mobile commerce application. We’re excited about the launch.”

Once launched, users will be able to download the application at the Apple and Google App Stores. With over 2,000 retail partners, PAYMYNT shoppers will earn cashback rewards and MYNTs, a universal digital rewards currency, while shopping at major, name-brand locations.

For more information about PAYMYNT Financial, or to join the waitlist, visit our website at

About PAYMYNT Financial Group:        

PAYMYNT Financial Group is a mobile commerce and financial growth company created with the overall mission of making the online shopping experience more rewarding, and improving the financial well-being of the underserved. We believe blockchain technology and digital currencies play integral roles in our customers’ financial future.

PAYMYNT is a next-generation mobile commerce application that integrates online shopping, digital banking, peer-to-peer payments, and financial investments into an all-in-one platform.

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World 50 and G100 Come Together to Form the World's Leading Peer-to-Peer Platform for Senior Executives



World 50 and G100 Come Together to Form the World's Leading Peer-to-Peer Platform for Senior Executives

World 50 and G100, the world’s leading peer-to-peer platforms for business leaders, have come together to form the most comprehensive peer learning, development and networking community for the world’s top performing companies and their leaders.

The partnership creates the most influential membership-based organization where CEOs, boards, and senior executives from globally respected organizations build relationships, exchange practical advice and gain insight on the pressing matters facing business leaders now as they drive their companies into the future. The merger was finalized on September 22, 2020.

World 50 and G100 will remain a private organization with the sole mission of accelerating the success of members and their organizations. For the immediate term, membership status and benefits in the respective organizations will be unchanged, yet enhanced and enriched by the broader capabilities available to the combined World 50 and G100 organization. For example, G100 members will gain access to World 50’s Inclusion and Diversity Impact platform, a long-term, cross-organization initiative intended to accelerate progress on one of the most pressing issues of our time. This platform was created in response to overwhelming demand among World 50 members for a forum dedicated to direct, open conversations about accelerating the real and immediate impact private enterprise can have on creating a diverse, inclusive society with true equality of opportunity. G100 Chairman Scott Miller will now be Chairman of the combined organization, Dave Niles will continue as President of G100, and the flagship G100 CEO group remains under the leadership of Daniel Casse. World 50 CEO, David Wilkie, is now CEO of the combined organization.

“The leadership imperative has never been more profound. If leadership will differentiate success more than ever before, World 50’s and G100’s united mission of helping leaders stay ahead is now more relevant than ever,” shared Wilkie. “With today’s uncertainty and the stakes our members face in these unprecedented times, there is no better time than now to bring these two great organizations together in service of our respective members.”

“We are excited about joining forces with World 50, a world-class company we have long admired,” said Scott Miller. “The opportunity will further enhance both companies’ ability to deliver value to members, accelerate their success and connect them to the most valuable networks for CEOs, boards, the C-suite and beyond.”

Last year, World 50 also acquired London-based Procurement Leaders, the world’s largest and most valuable procurement network and intelligence platform. The goal is that each company will provide a comprehensive and differentiated suite of services aligned to supporting executives leading and transforming modern enterprises.

About World 50

Founded in 2004, World 50 consists of private peer communities that enable CEOs and C-level executives at globally respected organizations to discover better ideas, share valuable experiences and build relationships that make a lasting impact. The busiest officer-level executives and their most promising future leaders trust World 50 to facilitate collaboration, conversation and counsel on the topics most crucial to leading, transforming and growing modern enterprises. World 50 communities serve every significant enterprise leadership role. World 50 members reside in more than 27 countries on six continents and are leaders at companies that average more than US$30 billion in revenue. World 50 is a private company that serves no other purpose than to accelerate the success of its members and their organizations. It is composed of highly curious associates who consider it a privilege to help leaders stay ahead.

About G100

Founded in 1998, G100 helps influential senior executives succeed in some of the most challenging environments and overcome the most pressing obstacles through peer development. Programs enable members to counsel and interact with fellow chief executive officers and other C-Suite executives, board directors and business thought leaders through private, candid, and informed discussion, in both a digital and in-person format. G100 is not a lobbying organization or industry trade group and does not seek consensus on issues. Membership is carefully curated to have “the best conversation in business.”

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Gulf Stream Marine Expands Network with Acquisition of Alabo Street Terminal operations at Port of New Orleans



Gulf Stream Marine Expands Network with Acquisition of Alabo Street Terminal operations at Port of New Orleans

Gulf Stream Marine, Inc. (“GSM”) announced the strategic acquisition of the Alabo Street Terminal operations located in the eastern section of the Port of New Orleans (“Port NOLA”). This is the second terminal, along with its Lake Charles terminal, that GSM is operating in Louisiana, and the first at the world-class Port of New Orleans.

“Expanding GSM’s reach and bringing our specialized expertise to serve break-bulk and project cargo customers at the Port of New Orleans was the next step in our growth plan,” explained Michel Miron, Executive Vice-President. “We worked very closely with the leadership team at the port to find the perfect fit for our service offering and we look forward to working together to grow this viable gateway.”

The Port of New Orleans is a deepwater port located on the Mississippi river near the U.S. Gulf and offers customers seamless supply chain solutions from river to rail to truck. The Alabo Street Terminal is connected to Class 1 rail and highway systems and serves markets in the southern states and the U.S. Midwest, serving shippers from around the world. With GSM’s growing network of nine terminals in ports in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, the addition of the Alabo Street Terminal offers further options for customers looking to access new markets.

“Gulf Stream Marine is highly respected for their operational expertise with breakbulk, bulk and heavy-lift cargo, and they are a welcome addition to our tenant portfolio,” said Brandy D. Christian, President and CEO of Port NOLA and CEO of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. “Our partnership with GSM reinforces and strengthens Port NOLA and the region’s position in the global supply chain.”

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