Time & Money Saving Tips for Future-Ready Marketers

Consumer’s purchase patterns have evolved. Aligned with this, the marketing landscape has also altered. Even with tried and tested marketing methods that continue to generate positive results, marketers should still be on the lookout for the latest trends that may help with streamlining current marketing practices.

A look into the future

With technology in a constant evolutionary cycle, marketers should keep their ears to the ground and be kept abreast with the  “latest and greatest”. In this fast-paced world, marketers who want their products or services to be top-of-mind should also keep their eyes peeled for what the modern world has to offer.

With the advent of automation, artificial intelligence, and other future-ready marketing tools, marketers have no reason to be left behind. These instruments are being made available to make marketing efforts more focused and efficient – both on time and resources.

Marketing campaign tips

  1. Employ a Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy.

Focusing on the customer’s requirements is a fundamental marketing strategy. Understanding their wants and needs, and crafting a specific customer experience to address those needs are key to increasing brand loyalty and conversion.

Currently, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of CEM to track, oversee, and organize all interactions in order to focus on the needs of the customers. Additionally, the software for collecting and analyzing customer feedback can complement a CEM solution.

CEM software benefits the company by improving customer service, raising customer retention, and increasing conversion rates. As a result, an overall customer lifetime value is extended.

  1. Personalize your approach.

Personalization improves your chance of success by utilizing a more targeted marketing strategy. This tailor-fitting approach doesn’t stop at using first names, however. Crafting a more specific message to a particular audience increases the effectiveness of your campaign that translates to better Return on Investment (ROI).

Business who make use of past browsing and shopping history, for example, can create more personalized offers and content, and can enhance sales average of up to at least 20%.

  1. Automate to innovate.

With marketing automation features, you can amplify your content and increase the reply rate for outreach and follow-up emails by up to 250%. This stretches your influencer reach and have a better chance of conversion.

Automating your email follow-ups also reduces your spend by five to 30 times in acquiring a new customer and offering them upsells.

There are also other ways to useautomated marketing to your advantage:

  • Systematic collection of data. Are you still stuck on manually collecting data? While there is wisdom in having a personal hand in attending to some tasks, making use of technology to collect and analyze data can be a wise move.
  • Save up to 6 hours of social media management time by automating your social media posts and ads. This will also ensure that your profiles are updated and maintain fresh content.
  • Automated tools to set client appointments or meetings save up to 80% on scheduling and workforce management.
  • Nurture leads by automating well-timed emails and offers to see an increase of up to 10% or higher in revenue.
  • Increase your average order size by 360% or more when you use one-click upsells in offering your products to the relevant audience.

Time to save

Studies say that the way to go is to employ modern technological methods in acquiring and maintaining customers. 75% of marketers have been found to agree that automation increases revenue while 75% of businesses using automated marketing techniques enjoy ROI in less than a year.

Competition is becoming more cutthroat by the minute. The time and money you save goes a long way in crafting a more effective and efficient marketing strategy. Repetitive tasks such as emails, offers, social media, and other website activities is better off being automated to give you more time and resources to focus on more important tasks.

It is noteworthy, however, that no matter how beneficial all the future-ready marketing tools you employ are, you still need a real, live person whom your customers can talk to and interact with.


Tomi Saikkonen is the Vice President of Liana Technologies, Middle East. Just like youTomi is fascinated by the possibilities of digital marketing and technology. He actively seeks out ways to help businesses and organizations across industries to improve their digital marketing ROI.

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