5 Safety Features Every Modern Workplace Should Have

More than one million people suffer from an illness related to work each year. As a result, both large and small businesses should enforce office safety features and make sure employees follow the rules for their own safety. The employer is responsible for creating a safe environment for his employees to work in. This includes comfortable and appropriate furniture, a reliable HVAC system and a detailed fire evacuation plan.

The office also holds valuable equipment, electronics and documents that can be kept safer with the help of surveillance cameras and smoke curtains. Discover more details about each safety feature every modern workplace should have in this article.

1. HVAC System

When it’s too hot or too cold, a reliable HVAC system will make employees feel more comfortable in their workspace. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are necessary for ensuring the quality of the air. The role of a dependable ventilation system is to get rid of unwanted odors, moisture, bacteria and pollutants that can build up in a building and affect the health of the employees.

Heating and air conditioning will keep each room at a comfortable temperature and create a pleasant working environment for everyone. A versatile HVAC system can adjust to the users’ preferences and keep a plethora of illnesses at bay such as allergies, asthma, sinusitis and headaches.

2. Fire Evacuation Plan

A fire evacuation plan prepares employees for a worst case scenario and gives them a chance to get familiarized with the best escape routes. All types of buildings are required to reinforce a fire evacuation plan, especially office buildings that contains dozens of employees. As such, the escape routes in the working space should be clearly marked.

A good fire evacuation plan wouldn’t be complete without a few appointed fire marshals. Team leaders can be trained and assigned specific tasks in case of emergency. Their role will be to control the situation, calm people and make sure everyone evacuates the building. For the safety of the office, evacuation drills should be held on a regular basis. Not only do the drills help prepare the employees for the eventuality of a crisis, but they also bring to light possible issues with the fire evacuation plan.

3. Surveillance Cameras

Office buildings are often the mark of burglars who aren’t only interested in money but also in equipment, electronics and any other goods they can find. Completely preventing break-ins might be impossible, however, surveillance cameras have been proven to keep intruders at bay. Moreover, the cameras also make employees feel safer.

Surveillance cameras are intimidating and will make intruders think twice about attempting to break in. Since they are easy to install anywhere, the cameras can suit the needs of any office building. They are versatile and reliable, offering video evidence 24/7 with minimum maintenance.

4. Smoke Curtains

This office safety feature is especially important in a space with expensive equipment and electronics that can’t be taken out in case of a fire. Smoke curtains don’t only protect equipment from burning, they also keep the smoke from spreading and endangering people’s lives. Oftentimes, smoke claims more lives than fire as it moves through the space freely and faster.

Smoke curtains are versatile and can adjust to any space with ease. When they are not used, they can be rolled up and hidden from sight in a wall. This type of fire protection device is automatically activated when the sensor detects smoke in the air. Smoke curtains are invisible when not in use and are extremely effective in a crisis.

5. Access Control System

An access control system gives employees peace of mind and boosts security within the working space. The system offers complete control over those who want to enter the office. An access control system works either with a code or a card. Non-employees who want to enter the building can use the intercom and wait for someone to buzz them in.

Access control systems are safer and more convenient than traditional keys. The benefits of this device come in handy when an employee is fired. The employer only needs to revoke that employee’s code or card instead of changing the lock. At the same time, if an employee loses their entry card, they can easily be given a new one on the same day.

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