Sales outsourcing is In! – A successful growth story of Avenue Growth

With the impact of digitization in India, many news startups and ventures have emerged in the past years. But not many have climbed the staircase of success and eventually submerged. Do you know why? One of the most potent reason for this is the arrival crippled sales that a company secures.

In a populous country like India, one can sell anything, without facing the customer crisis. As a matter of fact, most of the foreign brands earn a great part of their revenue by promoting their products and services in India. And in such a scenario imagine what benefit can a professional sales and growth strategy bring into your business. If you look at it deliberately, you will notice the forever impact of correctly measured sales on your business.

To augment the level of sales strategy in India,  Avenue Growth brings India’s largest Sales-as-a-Service platform into action in the year 2016. Co-founded by a pair of Marketing and sales Industry experts, Avenue Growth today is a proud sales guardian for one of the prominent companies in India like Google, Facebook, Paytm, Amazon, PNB Housing Finance Limited, Airbnb, Manpower etc.

Today Avenue Growth has more than 10,000 happy sales and growth professionals working for them nationwide. The company today maintains relatable ties with many leading organizations. In the view of Avenue Growth’s co-founder MrRachit Mathur what the company is aiming right now is to become the launch pad for any brand entering into the Indian market and getting it into sales automation.

This is a two-way beneficiary platform which provides free sales force connectivity in a given state at any given point in time. And when the benefits are in the interest of both the production and sales joint, then it’s always a win-win game. The other prime advantage that Avenue Growth offers is provides instant app based results for customer gratification, to track their leads and conversations.

In a relatively short span of time, Avenue Growth has raised the bar of sales outsourcing in India. In India, the concept of sales outsourcing is still somewhat new and also there many false accusations are associated to it, unlike developed economies like the US, UK and Germany where this model is extremely popular and also a game changer.

The driving wheel or we can say sales guru of Avenue Growth are a passionate sales professional with years of experience and achievement creating a powerful yet impactful change in the sales industry. When the company commenced in the year 2016 with the idea of sales outsourcing a warming acceptance resulted. Gradually it has been observed that the company started to receive queries from not just software companies, but also from traditional sectors like FMCG, consumer durables etc. And within six months of its operation, the company secured a vivid range of top brands under their belt.

Avenue Growth offers zero risk model for companies to expand into any part of India, because of no geographical restriction and cost-cutting approach, Avenue Growth today stands in the list of 50 best-founded companies in India in 2017. Riding high on the growth for all plight the company has paramount goals to reach by expanding their reach to a more wider geographical scale including the implementation of their sales operation in South Asian companies by the year 2020. In this prospect co-founder Rachit Mathur has revealed that – “For future, we are planning to reach out 1000 plus companies across FMCG consumer durables, pharmaceutical, software solution providers and many more, and eventually planning for pan-Asia presence.”

Currently, Avenue Growth is successfully operating their sales services in the FMCG, digital, finance, hospitality, retail background, software industry, making the impact in 280 Indian cities while working on more than 30 brands nationwide.

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