Why Newswire Is One Of The Best News Release Services

If you have a newsworthy story that needs to be shared, a news release service company can help you get your piece in the hands of people that matter most.

This is where Newswire comes in, being one of the best press release distribution platforms in the market today.

Press Release Newswire has been in the business since 2004 and has served more than 250,000 customers. They continue to provide clients with impeccable service helping improve online and web exposure.You also get the same premier syndication to the top media outlets. Clients are given a choice of various solutions to fit any budget.

The company is committed to their mission of announcing a client’s newsworthy articles and events. Partnerships have been formed with leading news outlets who syndicate their premium content on their websites.

No need to worry if you are a cash-strapped startup, some options will fit your budget. A basic press release submission allows your business to try out their user-friendly system. Large companies will marvel at Newswire’s premium press release submission which offers the full benefits of a paid distribution service.

A great news release service company needs to be founded on a great team of professionals.

Newswire has a great combination of storytellers, tech evangelists, marketing professionals and PR strategists that work together with a passion for serving clients.

With more than a decade of experience working with businesses and organizations big and small, the team has been sharing stories that tug at the heart. They pride themselves in getting releases to the right people at the right time.

When you choose the Newswire Team, you partner with a bunch of individuals that takes your goals and mission and makes it their own.

Every client gets a custom-made plan that can help you reap the benefits of maximum exposure across all channels.

This personalized approach is better than using software that produces a “canned” press release. Newswire gives you a personal touch from start to finish. This helps in reaching your target customers fast so that you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

The Newswire team has over 30 years of combined experience in corporate communications and marketing thus giving a clear understanding of what causes a reader to act.

Only the best and brightest are selected to be part of the team, from writers to product developers.

Technology has been evolving at a fast rate since 2004. Newswire is always on the lookout for the latest features and unique ways to share press releases. Innovations and advances in the press release distribution business are adapted so that clients can enjoy the latest that these advances have to offer.


Newswire offers affordable options for press release distribution. Added features now include having your Newsroom, Media Outreach campaigns and Social Media.

A Premium package starts at $119, their most popular Premium Plus comes in at $359, State Newsline at $699, and National Newsline at  $1,199.

For a custom press release distribution plan, you can answer a simple questionnaire online or call their toll free number.

For more than a decade now, Newswire has been highly rated by peers and industry experts.

Content has now evolved to more than just text. Photos, infographics, and videos help convey your story with more impact. Premium submissions allow you to add these types of content to your press release.

Media Outreach

Newswire has a database of over 1.7M Media Contacts over a diverse list of niches. You can connect with contacts that are relevant to your industry.

The Media List is always updated so that you can be sure that only active media members are on the list. Newswire has built relationships with their media contacts over the years. This trust that they have gained is passed on to clients.

Writing Services

Newswire writers have journalistic experience in various fields. This knowledge helps them know what editors pick up on and what they throw in the trash bin.

Content will not only appeal to editors and journalists but also your target audience as well.

Writing services can give you a well-written press release in just three easy steps. First, you need to share your story about your release. The writing team will turn it into a press release using the AP style of writing. This style is the professional standard for press releases. No matter how compelling a story is, it can be rejected if it is not written in the AP style.  It is sad if your fantastic story gets the recycle bin due to a technicality.

A staff writer will be assigned to you who has experience in your field. Your release will then be optimized for SEO.

Next step is to review the first draft of your story. You can expect this in 48 hours or less upon your story submission. You will get an email with a direct link so that you can preview the release and give feedback. You are entitled to unlimited revisions, but based on experience only a few are needed.

The last step is your final approval for distribution. Once you give your consent, your release will be ready to go.

The Writing team has experience writing press releases for the following industries:


– B2C

– Authors and Speakers

– Financial Services

– Technology

– Healthcare and Fitness

– Lifestyle

– Food and Beverage

– Artists and Entertainment

– Retail and Consumers

– And much more


Almost all top Fortune 500 companies know the importance of having a newsroom. Newswire gives you a newsroom where you can bring all of your company’s content into one place.

You can publish and share content with the press by posting it on your newsroom for all the media to see. Content is organized according to categories which give visitors easy access to information about your company.

Your newsroom also contains all social media signals so that sharing can be simple and easy. Share instantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus.

It is easy to integrate your newsrooms with your companies website due to Newswires self-hosted solution.

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