Interview with 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio founder ‘DJ Bad Gyrl’

22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio“, a Las Vegas based Radio Station is known for its quirky and popular shows. This internet-based radio station recently reached the milestone of being tuned into by listeners in over one hundred countries. Like any venture, running a successful radio station isn’t a cake walk. We recently interviewed ‘DJ Bad Gyrl‘, the founder of  22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio to know her ‘baby’ 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio, and her experience as a radio personality.

So the first question everyone wants to ask is- What does “Bad Gyrl” in your name signify?

It is not what it sounds like ;). “BAD GYRL” was attached to my name many years ago because I have always been a prankster. Back in the days, I was known for pranking my roommates and that name stuck with me. It has nothing to do with my behavior.

How did you come up with the idea of starting your own Radio Station?

I have always believed that Radio is a very powerful medium. In the world of radio, I debuted with my music radio show (VANR) in 2014 The show was titled “The Bad Gyrl Show”.  The BAD GYRL Show brought people the hottest top 40 music, nightlife information, celebrity interviews etc. By early 2017 with almost 4 years of experience under my belt doing countless celebrity interviews, working with many different radio formats and stations, I decided that it would only be logical to have my own Radio Station so that I can have complete freedom in my endeavors.

Was being a woman entrepreneur tough for you?

Being a woman in any industry is tough but I don’t think gender has a role in being an entrepreneur. It’s your work ethic that defines the narrative. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, you should have grit in your pursuits. Grit is what gets you through the tough moments. We all have the ability to be anything we believe we can, but it’s entirely up to the person whether he or she wants it bad enough. You will be tested every single day but all you can do is take things one at a time and keep going.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in your endeavor?

The biggest challenge for me was not having the blueprint ready before I launched my Radio Station. Imagine wanting to start a radio station and the people who are in this sector won’t tell you how to do it. They refuse to help you or guide you in any way. I found out all the technical and non-technical information by myself through trial and error. It was really challenging for me.

dj bad gyrl

 How exciting has been your journey as a radio personality?

My journey has been very challenging yet very rewarding. I love radio. It saved my life. I am proud to not only dominate the airwaves every Friday, but I am also very proud of my team who has made the journey of 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio really smooth. I have a great team. We are a family. We are close. I always dreamt of being apart of something this special.

What has been the most memorable moment for you in your experience as a radio personality?

A moment I hold really close to my heart was seeing my radio personalities win trophies and awards at our award show last year. I always did radio for a bigger purpose than being on air. I knew I always wanted to build a platform such as this one. I had the pleasure of giving them their moment on stage. I loved watching them shine and be proud of the work they did on air. I created an award show that has not been created for Internet Radio. I look forward to this year’s award show in 2019. It’s only going to get bigger and better.

You radio station recently reached 100 countries. Tell us something about that experience.

Yes, very recently we broke the record for the internet radio and we reached 100 countries sharp after being 19 months on air. It was a very special moment for me and my team. Moments like these keep pushing you forward.

So what can people expect from 22.3 TakeOver Vegas Radio?

My team and I plan to dominate Internet Radio. It’s as simple as that. I won’t say exactly how because that is all a surprise but I can tell you that we have a lot in store for our listeners. I’m already in 2019 with my plans. Planning ahead is key.

Any suggestions you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs make up 10% of the world. It is not easy but if you don’t want to work for someone else’s dream I suggest you not to be afraid from taking a risk. You better be ready to fail a lot. You better be ready to not be liked in business. But be persistent in whatever you do. Build a brand you believe in. Success will be yours.

Want your own radio show?
22.3 Interactive App is coming out in a few months. Keep checking this space.

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