How women entrepreneurs can use Digital Marketing to their advantage: Digital Marketing for Women Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, our day to day life is being largely governed by the digital world . With #startupindia soaring high, digital media has played an important role in helping women from home to reach out to large audience for their business. Be it content marketing, social media marketing, pitching for your business, it is all becoming digital. However, challenge these days is to target the right digital tools in the right direction so that reasonable ROI is generated to the business. I am penning down list of digital tools that can help women entrepreneurs running their businesses from home to attain successful results.

Digital Marketing for women entrepreneurs

1) Website: A website definitely helps in the promotion of your product and creating awareness about the product. Make sure, website is responsive, UX friendly with product-related color & theme. It should also take minimum time to load, so that user would like to stay at your site for long. Try to add blog to your website, where-in add related content apart from the product details, so that user tends to visit the site for useful content. Blogs should not be more than 400 to 500 words. Make sure you are subtly talking about your product in the blogs. Try to add SEO related words in the entire content of your website. SEO usually takes 3-4 months, but it usually gets good traffic to your website. In case the site is e-commerce, check out /payment processes should be smooth. Make sure, overall user journey is likable. You may do some test runs within your peer group to understand the gaps.

2) Social Media: Leverage various social media tools like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin to make your presence felt. Make sure you regularly update your social media handles with product posts, give away ideas to bring engagement. Avoid buying the followers, as they do not bring engagement. In order to bring real engagement, post useful content.

You can create a social media calendar to keep a track what you are posting. Playing contests is also one of the good ways to engage your users. This will not only help you to increase your followers but will also help to get more visibility to your products. Make sure, your posts are all integrated with the theme of your product and are always in sync. All your social media profiles should be updated with latest information to build credibility. Plan at least one to two posts on each of the profiles. Eg: What you write on twitter should be related to your Facebook and Instagram pics. You may cross-link as well, to get more followers.

Use tools like tweetdeck, Hotsuite to maintain your social media profiles. Also, interact with similar business groups on various social media platforms. EG: Women entrepreneur groups on facebook and LinkedIn, which not only provides you platform to promote your product, but you get to know about more information useful for business.

3) E-mail/Watsapp: One can use tools like MailChimp, madmini etc to send details like new product releases, discounts etc to the subscribers. It keeps them updated about the product. One can use WhatsApp as a medium to showcase the product by joining various whatsapp groups or by sending WhatsApp to targeted audience in as low as 25P and generating traffic to your product website. Whatsapp also lets you promote via images which is more impactful.

4) Paid Advertising:  You can boost your relevant posts on social media ( facebook, twitter, Instagram) to the targeted audience and get relevant customers to your website. You may also promote your product on barter basis with websites in the similar domain.

5) Mobile app: In case you have sufficient budget, and it is your business need, developing a mobile app for your product is also a great idea especially in a smartphone era, wherein the majority of our day to day tasks are governed by smartphones.

In this digital competitive world, all that is required is right mix and match of tools from the big marketing landscape to reach out to a wider audience. Earlier, targeted marketing was a hard nut to crack, but with the advent of social media platforms, one can showcase one’s product/services from the comfort of one’s bedroom. Digital marketing has especially benefited women entrepreneurs and if used wisely, it can become the single biggest game-changer in the digital market we live in today.


About the author : Prachi Garg, who is also the founder of has recently launched her maiden book superwomen. You can read more about it here.

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Prachi Garg is a writer, avid traveler and entrepreneur. She has delivered several workshops on entrepreneurship and has been part of panel discussions related to entrepreneurship.She has been associated with EETIndia group, DD News and has been freelancing for HT Horizons for quite some time.
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