Pairing the right Wine for your food using this Wine Finder Skill

Figuring out which wine to serve at your parties is not always easy. If you haven’t brushed up on your wine tasting and pairing skills since the last cold front, it may be time for a refresher. But let’s be honest with ourselves: Most of us just fumble our way through the liquor store, choosing a red with a nice-looking label to pair with steak and a moderately priced white to go with fish.

However, there are certain basic principles one must apply while selecting a Wine. For example, as a general rule of thumb, one must aim to pair lighter-bodied wines with lighter dishes and full-bodied wines with heavier dishes, so neither the wine nor the food overpowers the other.

Also, If there’s one near-universal truth to food-and-wine pairings, it’s that the body of each—which can be defined as weight and intensity—should always match.

The Wine Finder skill gives you wine parings for a wide range of foods. Steak, lamb, chicken alfredo, nachos, pizza, French fries, etc. With more than 500 food pairings you’re sure to find your match.
When the seller of this skill tried other Alexa wine pairings skills, they fell flat. They were very limited in food choices. So they began researching & testing out different parings to deliver a skill with a wide range of foods.

They also have typical foods people think of when drinking wine, meats & cheeses but for the days where you are winding down with comfort foods like fried chicken, pizza or tacos and still want some vino you have an easy way to find a suitable pairing.

Which wine to choose isn’t determined by just one thing. It’s like when you see a beautiful painting on the Canvas. It’s not beautiful because of just independent colors—it’s the way everything works together. Wine Finder skill will definitely help in this pursuit.


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