How to attract good talent in your Startup that stays

Hiring for a startup can involve challenges that are quite different from the ones that big sized firms usually face, like matching their competitors pay package. If you own a startup or work in one, you know the pressures on time and money you face need to be understood by the new person who comes in. However, quite contrary to what managers usually believe, recruitment consultants say there are some easy ways to attract and retain the best talent to your startup despite all the competition posed by the bigger firms in business.

  1. Offer a flexible and good work-life balance

Often people choose startups over established firms because their work is taking all their time and they are unable to give any to themselves or their families. Respect your employees time. Create a timetable that is employee-friendly. That way, not only your current employees will stay happy but also recommend the company to others. You can also hire remote workers to save on office-space costs.

  1. Enhance visibility to build your brand

For people to want to be a part of your company they should know about it. Tap college internship and placement fairs since they are a low-cost option to get bright talent right out of college. You can also partner with recruitment agencies to get your word out. Another very effective option is having a strong online presence through a dedicated website and social media handles.

  1. Challenge your employees to hold onto them

Being able to retain good talent can significantly reduce turnover and training costs. To do this, ensure you trust your employees and give them enough space to take decisions that you have trained them to take so they feel empowered. Giving them a chance to develop new skills or work in newer areas will also increase the chances of them staying in your startup since lack of growth opportunities if one of the most often cited reason for quitting jobs.


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