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An Interview with Los Angeles based Chiropractor & Entrepreneur Dr. Romina Ghassemi



Dr Romina Interview times of startups

Dr. Romina Ghassemi is an Entrepreneur and Chiropractor, who has been working on ways to get rid of the back and neck pain many of us are feeling during this COVID-19  transition from office life to working from home. Dr. Ghassemi created Bax-U Posture Corrector which is dedicated to correcting posture to help prevent emotional and physical health problems. 

Dr. Romina, Thank you for talking with us. Why is the issue of helping people get rid of their pain so personal to you?

Thanks for having me. As I was growing up my mother suffered from severe migraine attacks and all the pain killers didn’t affect her. She suffered for 3 days and our house was on shut down as any light, sound, odor and noise aggravated her pain.

As a teenager, I saw the most amazing strong smart human being crumble to her feet. I promised to myself to become a doctor that helps people not suffer like my mother. Taking care of people’s health is my purpose, using my knowledge and experience are tools to help fulfill this purpose in my life’s journey.

You have helped tens of thousands of people live a fulfilled life simply by helping
them get out of excruciating pain they live in day in and day out. What motivates you
to work so hard?

There are more people to save, not just for pain reduction, but by prevention and protection. We need to take a proactive team effort for patients and direct measures for prevention so we can save many more lives. Securing a healthy future via prevention is the smart approach, and that is by far more effective.

For our readers, kindly explain what does Spinal Biomechanics Correction involve?

Biomechanics is simply the study of human motion. Biomechanics is important when determining what causes injuries and therefore how we can prevent them from re-occurring. If you spend hours on your smart device or sleep in poor positions or have a Job that repetitively requires you to perform the same task, the biomechanics is altered and adapts to the load and forces placed on it. This will cause early wear and tear to the supporting soft and hard tissues of the body and progress from poor posture to degenerative osteoarthritis, nerve pinch, disc injuries, and pain.

Tell us more about the negative impacts of overprescribed medication in recurring
pain; which has become, unfortunately, a reality.

Most people addicted to medication had the “try this, let’s see what happens” treatments and often longer than 3 months. Unfortunately, your body is adaptable so the initial prescription is not going to be effective over time and especially when the underlying cause is still not addressed. You will often be prescribed a higher &/or stronger dose.

This repetitive cycle robs people from seeking other approaches and continues the quick fix of pain killers. An awful cycle that won’t stop unless we fix the root of the cause. Even worse than the addiction, is the depression that accompanies chronic pain.

How important is good posture for your overall wellness?

Your spine is the tunnel that carries all neurological communication between organs and the brain. Any compromise small or large to this channel and its components is devastating to the current and future health of a person’s well being. Poor posture is a reflection of poor health similar to bad breath! It’s the first indicator of weakness in the biomechanics of your body. Spinal health is essential to optimal body function.

Your own Posture Corrector BAX-U has won awards including the Best
INNOVATIVE product of 2018 by Home Health Products. Tell us more about the
story behind BAX-U.

My patients complained about other products on the market, that they were irritable, big, bulky, and uncomfortable. I understood their challenges and realized I need to help. My team and I did many hours of research, studies to make a final product that was ready to use. I went through the rigorous steps to get BAX-U POSTURE CORRECTOR approved & reimbursable by insurance companies to make it easier for my patients to having and owning a Medical Device fashionable and useable.

Later I decided to do more studies with the University of Michigan School of industrial engineering and then corporate studies & risk management studies documenting the benefits of wearing BAX-U posture support. The data proved wearing my BAX-U Posture corrector 4hrs a day changed posture by 90% and reduces overall discomfort by 75% within 12 week period.

What lifestyle changes can you suggest to our readers so that they can preclude
poor posture related pain in their bodies keeping in mind our increased usage of
gadgets like laptops, mobile phones etc.

If you truly want to work smarter, you need to take a look at your daily tasks and learn to adjust for optimal positions. Here are some basic ergonomics recommended for your wellness for a more effective workflow.
• The top of computer monitor should be at a 15 degree angle above eye level
• Maintain 90’ angle between torso & thigh & legs
• Always use an elbow rest to avoid shoulder shrugging
• When standing alternate weight-bearing items, like your handbag or groceries
• Take 5-10 min break every 60 minutes of sitting at work
• Stand during the morning shift & sit in an afternoon shift

An average adult spends 7.5 hrs/ day on some sort of smart device. “Text neck” is the pain and injury experienced from prolonged and repetitive looking down using smartphone or other devices. If you’re the angle of your head is off by 15 degrees this places about 27 pounds of force on the neck structures. This increases up to 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees. The damage caused by untreated “text neck” can be similar to occupational overuse syndrome or repetitive stress/strain injury. Sore muscles and strained joints causes injuries. Other Injuries are often caused by poor habits so to avoid this here are some solutions:

• Wear a BAX-U posture support to correct your posture and without interrupting your
work day.
• Walk with your chin parallel to the ground or
• Use “speak” options for long emails/ texts or documents.

The benefits of having good posture is reflected by the level of daily energy, vitality, and
agility in motion. Our bodies are sophisticated machines that need to be protected. If
you take care of your physical alignment and eat nutritious food your mental state will
rise with no effort. Ready to enjoy your life and live vivaciously? Then take care of your
posture and nervous system, they will take care of you.

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An Interview with Jennifer Miree Cope




Described as thorough and organized by her closest associates, Jennifer Miree Cope graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1985 with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Jennifer has a deep-seated passion for several non-profit organizations. Especially with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and The O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which has treated several of her close friends and family members.

Jennifer Miree Cope’s respect for the generosity of nonprofits inspired her to become a volunteer. Currently, she is involved with several charities started by Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama: STAIR tutoring, the Children’s Fresh Air Farm, and Holiday House. 

Jennifer’s husband, Pat Cope, is the founder of Cope Private Wealth — a prestigious financial planning firm. When not relaxing with her husband and two sons in Mountain Brook, Jennifer can often be found exercising, walking her dog, or hiking in the mountains of North Carolina.

Jennifer, thank you for doing this. Tell me about your best and worst days at work. 

My worst days are the days when we’re busy. You know those days when customers are calling, texting, emailing from early in the morning to late at night. (I can’t help it that it rained that day.) But one of my best days was when we had three very happy clients, two of whom brought me wine!

What are the projects that you most enjoy working on?

Landscaping an empty or nearly empty lot.  It’s just like an artist starting with a blank canvas.

What was your biggest ‘a-ha’ moment?

My biggest eureka moment was when I realized that technical drawings such as landscape plans can often be just as pretty as art.

What has been the most important part of your professional journey?

That’s a simple answer. It would have to be time management. There’s simply no way to succeed without it. And I start managing my time well from the beginning – it really starts the minute I wake up in the morning.

What risks is your company facing? 

With the economy doing poorly and inflation on the rise, people can always stop landscaping. That’s really the biggest issue here. It is unfortunately a luxury and not a necessity.

What would you do with unlimited resources?

That’s a tough one! I mean, to be honest, there are a lot of things that I would do with unlimited money, and I imagine that’s the same for everyone else too.

But there is one thing that I would prioritize if I had unlimited money: First, I would try to use it to find a cure for cancer. Both of my sisters, my mom, my aunt, and my husband all had cancer. My two sisters died from it. It’s a nasty disease and we need to dedicate more of our resources to fighting against it.

When was the last time you totally lost yourself in doing something?

I would have to say it was the last time I made a needlepoint belt for one of my sons. It can be very easy to find yourself in the zone when you’re engaged in that.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Yeah, well for exercise, you can usually find me playing golf, doing pilates, or yoga. I often enjoy going out to eat or attending sporting events and musical theater. And I can’t forget that one of my favorite things to do is travel — mostly to our place in the North Carolina mountains.

How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

For me, the number one way to make a difference is tutoring the underprivileged. I have done a lot with STAIR, and I am very proud of that work.



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In this interview, Raquel Ureña talks about the second season of ‘NY Never Sleeps’



New York Never Sleeps

Raquel Ureña is a filmmaker and the Founder of NYC Latin Media. She has produced over 8 films. To know more about Raquel Ureña, please read our interview with her.

Raquel, It’s a pleasure talking with you again. Much awaited “NY Never Sleeps” will be rolling out its second season pretty soon. How excited are you about this?

I am really excited. Especially because the participants of this second season are super successful women who are truly inspiring. They are great role models.

Would you like to give a sneak peek into the second season for our audience?

These women of Dominican descent all have successful businesses and they all started with nothing, showing us that if you work hard and remain focused, anything is possible. They are all immigrants and today, have many luxuries due to their hard work. Besides seeing the lifestyles of these women, we will also be seeing a lot of fashionable and trendy, and exclusive places in New York.

When will you start filming?

We will start filming in May and have many plans and exclusive events that we will be attending. We will be showing exclusive restaurants and places that people need to see in NY.

On which platforms, will the second season be available? Also, how many episodes will be there in the second season

There are 13 episodes in the second season and it will be airing on Digital 15 and Telemicro Internacional which is the biggest TV platform in the Dominican Republic. Telemicro Internacional is seen in the US through Comcast cable. The show will be airing towards the end of September. We will be filming all summer.

What are your views on the current status of women in entrepreneurship? especially in the Latina community?

New York is a difficult place to live in and very expensive but these women have proven that even with a humble beginning and hard work, it is possible to get ahead in life.

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An Interview with Ali LeMille, Career Coach and Founder of The Job Forge



Ali LeMille

Ali LeMille is the founder of The Job Forge. Ali has successfully helped a large number of companies find the right set of employees. She has also helped over 70 individuals land their dream jobs.

Ali, Thank you so much for talking with us. Your experience with recruitment is pretty vast. You have also worked with some of the biggest names, helping them in recruitment. Tell us more about your past experience.

I had a rather unusual introduction into the recruiting world. I had started as a hiring manager for local “Mom & Pop” shops in my hometown. The connections I made in the area high schools and colleges are what I was able to tap to quickly fix the staffing situation at the theme park I was brought into with Kodak. I moved into a year-round role and worked between New York, New Jersey, and other locations worldwide.

The companies I worked with were some of the most recognizable brands in the world! The last project I worked on was staffing for the Disney Premiere of The Princess and The Frog in Manhattan. It was in a refurbished nightclub where guests could explore a “bayou” playground, learn to draw from actual Disney animators, and see authentic movie props. It was a fantastic opportunity, and I still maintain close connections with the people I worked with during that time.

I found myself in the healthcare sector after being injured by a patient in the emergency room I had been moonlighting in. This placed me on light duty, where I used my talent acquisition skills to recruit positions for everything from housekeeping to physician assistants.

I then moved into the Non-Profit sector with AmeriCorps and their Reading Partners Program. There I maintained a staff of roughly 500 volunteer tutors. After that, I went into Insurance/Healthcare once again.

Based on your experience, what are some of the things a recruiter looks for in a candidate?

Recruiters worth their salt will be looking at your response times, professionalism, and social presence.

Response times give them an idea of your sense of urgency – which is a massive deal for most positions! Potential employers want to know if you’re going to be a great communicator or if you’re willing to let things go for a minute.

Professionalism comes in how you respond: your grammar, cadence, salutations, and if you’re answering everything they asked or leaving out details they need. A great practice is to run your responses through Grammarly or Hemingway App to catch things you may have missed.

Social Presence is massive, and I’m mainly talking about LinkedIn regarding job hunting. Having a fully optimized LinkedIn profile gives you an enormous edge because it’s social proof that you are who you say you are in your career experience. I’ve seen great resumes hit the trash because the candidate didn’t exist anywhere but on their paper resume.

How and when did you come up with the idea of The Job Forge?

When the pandemic hit, I knew many people who joined the mass resignation and began job hunting. People looking to move their careers into a remote situation quickly realized everyone else had the same idea. My phone started blowing up with questions about what “contract to hire” meant and how to update their resumes quickly. I took care of everyone close to me and then some! I wanted to make this service available to anyone else feeling stuck, so I created The Job Forge. I have the different comprehensive packages on my site, but also some basic gigs on Fiverr as well. I wanted to make it as accessible as possible for as many people as possible.

According to you, what are some of the things that career coaches often miss out on?

That clients don’t have to be some industry big wig to need some help. I see a lot of coaches gearing their work to major hitters, not understanding that there’s a whole population of mid-level players that are hungry to throw their career into high gear.

I’ve worked with RNs looking to make Charge Nurse, Retail Managers wanting to switch industries completely, recent grads trying to get their foothold and start making bank, and parents returning to the workforce after time away to take care of their littles.  

Whoever needs coaching should have access to it – and that’s my goal. To make Career Coaching accessible and affordable.

How do you address the gaps in the existing recruitment and career consulting services?

The issue I see happening with current recruiting practices is false barriers to entry for many positions. A great example of this is requiring intensive degrees and forcing employees into the office when it’s not necessary.

I recently attended an Equality Summit where the overwhelming response to “What is the number one thing holding your career back?” was employers requiring higher-level degrees for positions that could also be learned through real-world experience. Many people have spent their lives honing their skills, but they are instantly rejected because an advanced degree was not a pathway for them.

My recruiting approach is working with the employer to narrow down the actual needs to do the job – not what looks good on paper. It’s getting them to understand that an applicant can have the most expensive degree in the world and still not know as much as the person who has spent 20+ years in the industry.

And my Career Consulting service falls in line with that philosophy! Degrees are lovely for specific fields but not required for many others. I want to work with my clients regardless of their educational background. Whatever the barriers are, I want to create a plan for them to succeed!

Though every job has a different set of needs, In your experience, what are some of the most common traits recruiters are looking for in candidates?

I touched on a few earlier, but I can tell you a line that recruiters watch closely: Are you finessing your resume or lying about your abilities? There’s a big difference!

It goes without saying that you should never lie on your resume. Saying you have skills you very definitely don’t will not only get you quickly fired but can also get you a blanket industry ban if the community is small enough.

Finessing? That’s fine! And what I mean by that is, let’s say, you went outside your job description and learned new skills because of it. You can put those on your resume! It’s not lying – You did the work and have the abilities you claim to. Or asking your manager if you can change your title on your resume to reflect more accurately what you did under their employment. Then update your resume accordingly. Your resume is meant to reflect your skills and abilities in the best and most truthful way. And if you need help with that, my services are a click away!

Any suggestions you want to give to first-time job seekers?

Job hunting is a numbers game – especially now when there are many open positions and a ton of applicants. Even when you land an interview, keep applying! Nothing is final until you’re signing contracts accepting the job and have an official start date. Focus on your goals and move forward step-by-step. Clean up your social media, flesh out your LinkedIn profile, and revamp your resume and cover letter.

Oh, and please, please, create a professional email—just your name at Gmail or yahoo or whatever platform you use. Anything else is a potential red flag, and you don’t want to have your CV tossed in the trash for something so quickly addressed. Keep your personal email separate and create one specifically for job hunting.

Lastly, a big trend I am seeing is putting pictures of yourself on your resume. In the US and UK, this can actually really hurt your chances of getting an interview. Many companies will toss resumes with applicant pics on them because they don’t want to be seen as biased.

And if you need help with any of this, reach out to me! I’d love to chat!

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