Keeping Your Business’s Computers Safe From Viruses and Malware

These days, it seems like every workplace has a few computers packed to the brim with malware and assorted viruses. In some cases, this is a direct result of insufficient security software. In others, the fault lies with employees who were never educated on the importance of cyber security. However, the fact that the problems are common in modern-day workplaces doesn’t mean that business owners need to resign themselves to them. As you’ll find, keeping your workplace’s computers out of harm’s way is much easier than many businesses make it look.

Protect Your Network

Securing your business’s Wi-Fi network should be among your foremost priorities. If cybercriminals are able to find their way into your network, they’ll be able to spread malicious software and make off with an array of valuable information. At the very least, you’ll need to encrypt your local Wi-Fi. Since routers and access points aren’t automatically encrypted, this responsibility falls to you. This can be accomplished by accessing the network menu and enabling encryption.

For best results, select the WPA2 option and create a strong, impossible-to-guess password. Businesses with a fair number of employees should use EAP mode in WPA2, as this will ensure that employees are unable to see the encryption password and that it won’t be stored on their individual devices. This way, a lost or stolen device won’t automatically mean that your network is compromised.

Require Employees to Install O.S. Updates Immediately

Viruses and malware are often able to infect computers whose owners have put installing updates on the backburner. Although installing operating system updates can be somewhat cumbersome, it’s ultimately a necessary step in preventing the spread of viruses. The longer one waits to install pertinent updates, the more vulnerable their computer is to cyber threats. Most operating system updates have at least one security component. Since virus makers and malware developers are constantly finding new ways to spread their wares, O.S. developers must constantly find new ways to defend their products from an ever-expanding array of threats.

However, to take full advantage of their efforts, you and your employees will need to install each new update as soon as possible. With this in mind, require every member of your workforce to drop what they’re doing whenever a new update becomes available. Whether they’re working on a big project or simply checking their email, no further activity should take place until the latest updates are fully installed.

Utilize Dependable Antivirus Software

In the quest to keep your workplace computers free of viruses, dependable antivirus software can be an invaluable ally. The best antivirus programs frequently scan devices for viruses, malware and other threats and purge them in a timely manner. In addition to blocking a plethora of cyber threats, a reliable antivirus program will be able to identify and remove any threats currently present on your devices. To ensure maximum security, limit your options to antivirus software that features endpoint protection. Outfitting each of your business’s computers and internet-enabled devices with the right security software can go a long way in keeping threats at bay.

Educate Your Workforce

It stands to reason that not every member of your workforce is equally tech-savvy. While some employees may understand the importance of cyber security and be well-versed in virus prevention, others may be completely clueless on such matters. As such, you’ll need to educate all your team members on the myriad threats posed by viruses, malware and cybercriminals. The better a person’s understanding of cyber security, the better equipped they’ll be to protect their devices. To encourage full compliance with security-related rules, consider imposing consequences on employees who flagrantly ignore your advice and needlessly put their devices at risk.

As a business owner, the last thing you want is employees working on compromised computers. The consequences of poorly secured workplace computers can be severe, for both individual employees and enterprises as a whole. For the sake of protecting confidential company information and keeping your office’s computers running at peak efficiency, you and your workforce will need to take preventative measures against viruses, malicious software and other web-based threats. Fortunately, provided everyone puts in a little bit of effort, business-wide cyber security is far from impossible.


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