Safety in the Workplace

 Placing the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees as the top priority of any Startup or an established business or company is crucial in facilitating improved productivity and the ability to reach the company’s goals and vision. According to safety experts Dexters; It is important that a company should carry out conduct to ensure health and safety in its workplace.

The company must have a direct, consistent, and well-defined health and safety plan. This plan will act as a guide for the company on what to do just in case of emergency and accidents and how to reduce hazards in the workplace. The plan should likewise include policies on conducting risk assessments and danger control.

Both companies and employees tend to regard safety in the workplace as nothing more than legislation. When managers do not pay attention to safety in the workplace, employees too, get complacent about their work environment and do not pay attention to following injury prevention processes. Eventually, the organization as a whole starts paying scant regard to safety in the workplace.

The company starts focusing on production rather than making sure that a job gets done safely. This attitude creeps into the company culture. Minor incidents go unreported since no one is interested in following safety precaution or procedures. Over time, the number and the severity of the injuries increase. Everybody blames each other, but no one takes corrective action.

Here are some tips to help you ensure that this kind of a situation does not happen at your workplace:

  • When employees see that managers are not concerned about safety in the workplace, they automatically stop paying attention to their own safety. This is essentially a trickle-down effect. To avoid such a situation, managers must get involved in the safety process and at the same time make sure that employees are committed to working safely.
  • Employees should be included in the safety planning for an organization so that they feel more of a part of the entire safety process.
  • Managers should encourage employees to report any safety concerns, attend safety meetings, participate in facility walkthroughs, and share their ideas for improvement in safety measures with their supervisors. This will have a far greater impact than just asking employees to follow the safety rules. Employees will realize why safety in the workplace is necessary for their job, careers and ultimately their families.
  • Managers can demonstrate their concern for safety by interacting with employees and discussing safety issues. In case an employee raises a safety concern, a manager should personally intervene to resolve the issue and let the employee know the result. Establishing good safety practices begins with the employer’s commitment to safety.

Why is workplace safety so important? It benefits both the company and its worker. Safety transforms a company and its employees into a group of people with a common objective. It is a win for everybody.


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