Why a Serviced Office Could Be the Answer for Your Startup Needs

Have you just launched a startup or thinking about creating a team for your product? You might be wondering if it’s more beneficial to rent a serviced office over renting a traditional office space. Although there are perks to having a virtual office for a remote team, you’ll also want to have a designated headquarters in case you need to schedule meetings. It’s also best to have your core team working in the same vicinity so you can collaborate easier and get tasks done.

Here are the ultimate benefits to having a serviced office and why you shouldn’t sign your next business office lease.

Shorter Rental Agreements 

Most office rental spaces will require you to sign a one to two year lease that is usually hard to break. Since you won’t know how large your startup operation will grow, you could potentially outgrow the space. If you end up having three employees in one office, they’re going to feel cramped and on top of each other.

The best part about the majority of serviced offices is that they offer 60-day leases. That way if you have to move to a bigger space, you won’t be penalized or have to pay a lot to break the contract.

Access to the Best Equipment 

            When you move into an office space, you only rent the office itself, meaning you have to move and provide all the office equipment. This can be a hassle because if you hire a new employee, you have to spend time finding them   a computer, desk, printer, and more.

When you rent a serviced office, all of the equipment is provided for you. You won’t have to spend time buying new or used computers and moving it to a new location. You can even have access to phones, projectors, meeting rooms, private bathrooms, and more.

A Fully Stocked Coffee, Tea, and Refreshments Kitchen    

Not only do serviced offices provide all the best technologies and equipment, they also provide a stocked coffee, tea, and refreshments bar. As you recruit new employees, you can ensure that they will have access to all the free beverages they desire. Some serviced offices even provide vending machines so your employees can purchase a quick office snack without leaving the building.

This will definitely keep the team spirits high and their energy levels even higher as you succeed in your startup operations.

No More Maintenance Fees 

            Oh no, has the printer completely shutdown after it’s third paper jam? Did your computer freeze and there’s no way you can get it to restart? Unlike leased business spaces, serviced offices have a maintenance staff on hand. Since you’re only borrowing their equipment, they provide their own IT team and problem solvers to fix any glitches. This will definitely save your startup money since you won’t have to hire anyone.

You’ll also save time since the maintenance staff is usually based in the serviced office complex and you won’t have to take an employee’s time to fix the issue.

Providing a Comfortable Office Environment 

Most serviced offices do not look like the old, boring offices with gray cloth cubicles and cheap carpeting. Many of the offices are modern looking and provide an open workspace design. Serviced offices are mostly looking to attract startups and savvy entrepreneurs.

Instead of spending your precious time looking for art to liven up your office, the serviced office will provide the best visual designs. These offices are newly renovated so you won’t feel embarrassed to schedule a meeting with potential clients in your office space. This will also make your employees feel at home and they’ll have higher productivity results.

Access to Virtual Office Services 

If you’re renting a serviced office space, chances are they’ll also have access to virtual office services. This is perfect in case your startup has a team of remote contractors and you need to schedule a webinar with them. Luckily, here at Antares Offices in Bangkok, we provide both serviced offices and virtual office services.

Bangkok is the perfect city to launch your startup since it’s becoming one of the biggest bases for startups in Asia. Take a look at our serviced offices and more of what we provide to ensure your startup an excellent working environment.

About the author : “Sarah Marshall is the content writer for Antares, a serviced office company in Bangkok, Thailand. When she is not busy at work, she can be seen travelling around Thailand, enjoying the sunshine and food.”

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