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What Comes After 5G?



1G brought us the very first cellphones. After that, 2G let us text one another for the first time. Next, 3G brought us online and 4G gave us high speeds. What could 5G bring?

Each stepping stone was revolutionary for civilization and how we communicated and interacted. 5G promises blistering download speeds, more bandwidth, and lower latency. This wireless technology means self-driving cars and remote surgery.

Now is the time to think about what is beyond 5G technology. 6G or the sixth generation of wireless communication is coming. The technology does not exist yet but has led to wild speculations throughout the internet.

Most of what we know about 6G comes from a handful of researches and studies. With all the misconceptions about 6G, it’s hard to say what is fact and fiction.

If you are an investor keen on 6G prospects, NoBSIMReviews article on Ray Blanco’s “Apple Fi” will assist you. Read on to know what is real and what is not when it comes to technology beyond 5G.

Is 6G Even Real?

The big question in everyone’s mind is whether 6G is even real. The answer is both yes and no. We will tell you why.

Yes, 6G, or whatever its name is going to be, will replace 5G. However, 6G is not a functioning piece of technology yet.

Still, very much of 6G is in the research phase. The telecom industry is still working on the 5G revolution.

For this reason, they are treating 6G as a middle sibling. This means that mom and dad are going to focus on their 5G baby for the foreseeable future.

When Will The Industry Focus on 6G?

So, when will the industry focus on 6G instead of 5G? And when will 6G finally launch? Well, mobile technology evolution is historically slow. The progression of it is relatively steady. After all, there is a lot of money to make in every stepping stone.

3G came in the early 2000s and it was unbelievable. After that, 4G came in the 2010s and it too had a major impact on technology throughout the world. 5G came in the 2020s and it is still the primary focus of world industries.

 Given the pace of progression, 6G may take as long as a decade to grace the world. That means it could take as long as 2030.

Is 6G technology in The Process of Development?

Just because 6G may take as long as another full decade to see the light of day, research is not static. As we speak there are many countries and companies tirelessly working on 6G technology.

Most major companies and governments are working on 6G projects.  Many are actually talking about their plans openly.

Japan is one of the top contenders who might come up with 6G technology before any other country. They already have a 6G project running.

Samsung and LG both have 6G research centers in South Korea. Furthermore, HUAWEI also reportedly started its 6G research in China.

What About The USA?

In 2019, Donald Trump spoke about 5G and 6G technology. He wants the best technology to come to America as soon as possible.

He says that it is much faster, more powerful, and even smarter than the current standard. Furthermore, he urges American companies to step up so that they achieve 6G before others. There is no reason for the USA to be lagging behind.

It’s refreshing to see that everyone is hopping on the 6G bandwagon, even Donald Trump.

There is talk that Apple is coming up with 6G technology or as Ray Blanco calls it, the 5G killer. He says that it is coming really soon and will be faster and better than ever.

Who Will Come Up With The Fastest 6G Technology?

Many companies and governments are starting to work on 6G technology. It is hard to tell who will be first and who will come up with the fastest 6G technology.

The truth is that it is very uncertain who will win. However, that does not stop experts from guessing who the top contender will be.

What Does 6G Mean to You?

It’s great to talk about what 6G can do. Since it is just an idea at this point, you may be asking, what it means for you. The answer is mindblowing.

It’s going to be like 5G but much faster and better. You will get even higher speeds, lower latency, and masses of bandwidth.

Researchers are talking about 6G being the network to move away from wires completely. Instead, it’s going to use our own devices as antennas to create decentralized networks.

The networks will not be under the control of a single network operator. 6G can be the generation that takes power away from the big telecom companies and gives it to you – the end-user.

The Potential of 6G

5G will take a technology like autonomous cars, drones, and smart cities and take them to the next level. But that is just a child’s play as 6G will make science fiction come true.

For instance, the integration of brains in computers will be possible. Just imagine what this could mean for mankind.

Technology will soon be able to tap into our bodies through something as simple as contact lenses. This will show us a reality that is much different from what we see all around us.

You will be in a world with real-life cyborgs walking around. And we will be able to charge our phones without any sort of connections what so ever.

6G coverage can extend over oceans and even into space. This means, when we finally colonize the moon, you can still face-time with your loved ones on planet earth.

So you see, the world of infinite possibilities in science fiction books is one stepping stone away. Once in our hands, we will be more powerful than ever.


GameChange Solar Unveils Bifacial Tracker Reflector Technology to Boost Power Production 15-20%



GameChange Solar Unveils Bifacial Tracker Reflector Technology to Boost Power Production 15-20%

GameChange Solar today announced BifacialReflector™, a patent-pending new technology which dramatically increases power production for the GameChange Solar Genius Tracker™ with bifacial modules. The technology is a highly reflective (.95 albedo), permanent solid surface up to 4m wide, which reflects light from just above ground level to the back of the bifacial modules. This technology is a significant improvement over other ideas since it is not a ground cover which has a limited life and requires constant maintenance. BifacialReflector™ is a self-cleaning, long-term (40-year life) solution. The reflectors can boost the gain by up to an estimated total of 15-20% when using bifacial modules, which is approximately 5-8% extra gain versus other bifacial trackers which do not have BifacialReflector™ technology.

Andrew Worden, CEO of GameChange Solar, stated: “Solar power plant owners globally have been asking for a cost-effective, long life, maintenance-free, high reflectivity (.95 albedo) ground cover to place under trackers with bifacial modules. We are excited to have been able to provide a unique and superior solution, the BifacialReflector™ technology. Our technology has a significant power boost for bifacial modules and has a life of 40 years with no maintenance, making it a meaningful breakthrough for the industry.”

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Know Why Mac Remains Special in 2021



Know Why Mac Remains Special in 2021

When you are buying a new laptop, you are always attacked with several choices that you need to make before you make the decision. Also, you want something that is unique and has the most benefits for you. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish. Which one to choose Mac or Windows – many buyers get overwhelmed with this debate and sometimes make the wrong decision.

That said, in this article, we are going to focus on Mac and the benefits you get with it. Since you want to have the best option for yourself – we make sure that you do not deflect from the subject matter. Let’s get started!

You Get the Best High Definition Screen Display

Macbooks and other Apple products are infamously famous for having the best display screen on a computing device. This is one of Apple’s key highlights when they introduce a new product in the market. With Retina displays and high resolution and pixel density, watching multimedia files on a Macbook is a sheer treat. It provides you with a superior user experience as compared to other laptops in the market.

This feature is important to many creative professionals, such as photographers, graphic artists, writers, photo and video editors, etc. Many business professionals would also appreciate Mac’s comforting retina display technology, which would make it easier for them to sit up front for as long as possible.

You Get Ample Amount of Storage

Apple makes sure that its user always gets the best out of their device. The basic version of a Macbook pro comes with 128GB storage which goes up to 4TB of solid-state storage space in their higher-end models.

Many would argue that 128 GB of space on a computing device is very low. However, if you keep a check on duplicate files on your Mac with duplicate finder software, you’d never go out of storage space on a Mac device. And, if you choose to go with higher models of Macbooks, you will get more than you expect.

Superior Battery Performance

One of the biggest reasons why people love their Mac is its battery performance. This lets the user work with their Mac for longer hours and without the worry of its battery running low. An average laptop usually lasts for 3-4 hours whereas a Macbook could last for more than 9 hours on a single charge.

In addition, with a Mac you get the benefit of mobility, higher battery life gives you the advantage of moving around your Mac as much you want. This is why many people keep their Mac with them as a permanent travel companion.

The Bottom-Line

To get the most out of your computing device, you have to keep a few things in mind and you can make the right decision according to your needs. However, with a Macbook, you will get all the benefits you are looking for in a computing device. This is the reason why Macs are popular among the digital crowd around the world.

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EMnify Data Streamer Launches New Integrations into Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Azure Event Hubs



EMnify Data Streamer Launches New Integrations into Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Azure Event Hubs

EMnify, a leading cloud communication platform provider for IoT, announced new turnkey integrations into Azure Event Hubs and Google Cloud Pub/Sub via its EMnify Data Streamer – a feature that enables real-time streaming of connectivity data into the cloud and self-developed software stacks. These integrations empower IoT support and business teams whose applications are deployed on Azure and Google Cloud with complete network transparency to faster triage and resolve issues.

“When using traditional mobile services, connectivity data is often not easily accessible,” says Christian Henke, Head of Product at EMnify. “This leaves support teams in the dark when problems like excessive data consumption, roaming restrictions and network attachment failures arise.”

EMnify Data Streamer bridges this visibility gap by allowing IoT businesses to integrate real-time information on network events, service usage and costs directly into their applications and operational workflows. The new release extends Data Streamer integrations to Azure Event Hubs and Google Cloud Pub/Sub – besides the existing integration for Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3,, Datadog, DevicePilot and Salesforce. Leveraging related services like Google BigQuery, Azure Times Series, and Azure PowerBI, users can build intuitive dashboards of all network activities and set up proactive alerts to stay informed of any abnormal events.

Integrating connectivity metadata with device and application data in their cloud services allows Enterprises to more quickly understand the root cause when no data is available for their customers – whether the problem lies in, for example, firmware updates, network attachment errors or the application not accepting incoming messages. 360-degree visibility further augments the overall security of IoT solutions against unknown security holes and zero-day exploits.

“The latest EMnify Data Streamer integrations upgrade the multi-cloud capabilities of our platform,” says Martin Giess, CTO and Co-Founder at EMnify. “They go in line with our automated cloud connect service which enables private networking between user devices, EMnify platform, and Azure or Google Cloud, securing end-to-end data communication and giving support teams remote device access.”

EMnify provides detailed guides on all available EMnify Data Streamer integrations, as well as how users can analyze and display connectivity data using supportive toolchains and third-party services.

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