This Startup’s platform helps students connect with college campuses and discover college events

Launched in August 2014, AlmaMapper  is a platform that helps students connect across campuses and remain updated with campus events.  The platform is intended to help students connect with their peers in different campuses across the globe thereby helping them to share knowledge, ideas and campus event updates. Based in Pune, this EdTech Startup was founded by Pankaj Kaul and Chandra Mauli Sharma. 


There are currently three verticals on this platform. Campus helps students connect with other students across the globe and help each other solve problems. Events allow students to discover more about their college events and at the same time one can also promote their campus events. Finally, Library helps students explore notes and videos with much ease.

With more than over 50,000 users on the platform, AlmaMapper is soon planning to launch an app in order to expand their reach.Currently operating in Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the Startup is also set to expand its operations in other cities after raising $400K in seed funding from Oswal Techno Ventures LLP last month. As far as the revenue model for this Startup is concerned, AlmaMapper is tying up with strategic vendors that provide students oriented products and services.

One of the advantages of such platforms is the potential reach a relatively unknown college can get free of cost. One can use such platforms to make their college presence ‘known’ and at the same time use it as a sharing and collaboration platform encouraging healthy competition among various colleges. The colleges can remain abreast with the teaching methodologies adopted in different colleges and try to incorporate the best practices from across the globe.

India’s education market which is over $100K is witnessing a spate of investment in the education technology sector. Earlier this year, Accel Partners and Tiger Global Management  invested $5M in Vedantu . Simplilearn too, which provides certification courses, bagged $15M in series C funding earlier this year. India Educational Investment Fund (IEIF), backed by dell foundation, too has invested in two Indian Startups.

The coming few years will be interesting as most of the edTech Startups will stabilize in their operations and the success(or failure) of most of them will be unveiled.

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