Seven Must-Have Pieces for Chic Office Décor

Are you bored of your office’s bland and distasteful décor? Even if it is not strictly speaking “distasteful,” I’m assuming you want a change, and therefore you’re here for ideas and inspiration. First of all, let me tell you that your office cabin IS your domain and no one has to show you how to decorate it, so flip your creativity switch on and think out of the box. Find what resonates with you, and you should very well be on your way to decorating your office in the chicest and stylish way possible. Enough with the blabbering, I’ll help you how to decorate your office now!Read on to find out.

  1. Prep Up The Desk

You’re spending a lot of hours in the week at this desk, so you better make it as comfortable as you possibly can. Begin by making the desk your comfortable and cozy work stand. You can consider getting a leather blotter but a piece cut out of a warm rug serves just the same. Customize your desktop’s wallpaper, make it proper according to the office but keep it refreshing to look at.

  1. Get a Throw Pillow

Get a cute and fuzzy throw pillow for your office chair. Why? Because nothing can make you feel better on a cold, rainy day when you’re buried under work than a warm pillow. I keep a cute leopard print small velvet throw pillow on my chair in the office. It just makes my day better.

  1. Your Books

The collection of those romantic novels that you keep stacked on your coffee table. I love to keep some on my office shelf because they give such a homely feel. I almost feel nostalgic without them, oh and they add a color to the bland walls of my cubicle.

  1. Loads of Stationery

What do I love the most? Stationery! I literally of piles of writing supplies, they’re almost surplus. I like to keep sticky notes handy and a pen or pencil here and there just so that it is in reach. Plus, I’m obsessed with pretty stationery so, yeah. I don’t need a reason to buy more writing supplies. This reason alone should suffice.

  1. Your Lamp

Lights are vital for a workplace. Even if most of your work is on the laptop, you should avoid the cold fluorescent lights. Opt for a light of warmer hues; they will make your cubicle feel like a more homely space. Bring in a lamp with a printed lampshade for that oomph factor.

  1. Some Pictures

You can attach some of your favorite printed photographs with the help of a yarn thread and hang it right in front of you on a wall; it’s good to have some photos that you love and remind you of your family.

  1. The Right Table

If you’re considering the possibility of buying a new table, opt for this adjustable height desk because it is perfect for different uses and you can adjust it as per your requirements.

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