4 Cost-Efficient Ways to Boost Your SMB’s Productivity

While expanding your company heavily relies on the idea of increasing the productivity of your team, in order to get the most of it, you need to make these innovations as low-cost as possible. According to one statistic, an employee that is happy in the workplace tends to be 12 percent more productive. Such an astounding figure is definitely more than enough to make a huge difference in your business model. With this in mind and without further ado, here are several frugal productivity-boosting ideas for you to consider.

Reduce the number of office meetings

The traditional business model heavily relies on the in-person meetups in the conference rooms. Unfortunately, a lot of these meetings are completely necessary and therefore avoidable. You see, if you plan to make this meeting into a brain-storming session, then by all means, you should round everyone up. On the other hand, if you simply aim to make a minor announcement, you could do it just as effectively through a circular email. Look at it this way, an average office wastes about 31 work hours each month on meetings. Reducing their number or duration can therefore greatly affect your productivity while literally costing you nothing at all.

Gamify your work experience

According to Canadian businessman Guy Laliberté: “Inside every adult, there’s still a child that lingers”. This is why gamifying your business model and your employee micro-management might be a great thing for your business. This goes much deeper than a simple competition or a reward system, seeing as how it adds a whole new level of creativity and uniqueness to the mix. In order to make this as immersive as possible, you can create an elaborate point system with badges, rewards and of course leaderboards. This is especially effective in a company that has more mundane task cores.

Improve the communication

Productivity is not just about working hard but about working efficiently. Unfortunately, if there is a broken link in the chain of communication or a lack of understanding between the management and the file and rank, your company’s efficiency is bound to plummet. In order to solve this problem, you must first establish an elaborate system where everyone knows who they should talk to about any potential issue.

In most cases, people in question would go to their first superior, but in some scenarios, they might need to speak with someone from the senior management. Sometimes, this tends to be a problem especially if a person from the senior management tends to act authoritarian. Show your employees that you are their safety net and not a whip over their head. This way, they won’t hesitate to talk to you.

Work on your office’s design

Humans are incredibly susceptive to visual stimuli around their home. Different colors have a different effect on one’s mind and can, therefore, be utilized to set one in the right mood for work. For instance, red increases one’s attention and energy, which makes it an ideal color for a conference room or a section of the office where your sales department is currently seated. Aside from color, the overall décor in the room also has a chance of improving the overall morale. Going through a wide selection of rugs and adding one to your breakroom may make it look cozier and therefore increase its value.

At the end of the day, there are countless ways for you to improve the productivity inside your workplace. However, some of the more advanced options may be out of your reach budget-wise. Luckily, the above-listed four ideas are, on their own, more than enough to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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