Love Online Shopping but hate comparing prices? This Mumbai based Startup might help you.

In the past few years, the concept of Online Shopping has managed to penetrate into the lives of an average Indian.Thanks to the digital revolution we are currently undergoing, this trend will continue for a considerable period of time.

But with the launch of a plethora of Online Shopping websites, “it ain’t that easy for the customers”. If we talk in terms of Classical theory of Economics, what customers are currently facing is the ‘Problem of Choice‘.

With so many websites offering the same product, some quoting the same price for a similar product and others quoting different, buying your product with the best deal can be really cumbersome. Ask any regular Online Customer about his shopping experience and invariably his reply would be that it is a daunting task to hunt for the best price because of the sheer number of websites offering similar products.

Launched today is, a Mumbai-based Startup which will help you search and compare the products online in real time, ultimately saving your time and money. GrabShack is basically a search engine for finding and comparing the best prices on products across 100+ E-commerce websites.

Realizing the market potential of Indian online space and with the vision of helping customers get the best deals online without going through the ordeal of browsing multiple websites, Robin Srivastava and Harsh Rajat came up with the idea of GrabShack in late 2014. It took them almost 2 years to work all the kinks out and ‘solve the problem in a way which makes it a breeze for any and every user to find the best available offer on any product.’ During the late design phase, they also incorporated the feature to search coupons as well.

According to Robin, currently, GrabShack doesn’t have any direct competitor. Though he regards any cashback or coupons website as their indirect competitors.

“Unlike many coupons and cashback website that claim to do a price comparison, we actually do it by making use of Artificial Intelligence. We use AI to understand the context of each E-commerce website which means that GrabShack can search even vague words like ISBN of any book.” said Robin to Times of Startups.

Currently, GrabShack is bootstrapped and the duo does not plan to seek VCs help before they go global. “We plan to extend GrabShack to the US market as even they do not have a real time price comparison website”, he added.

Talking about the challenges they faced in the process of coming up with GrabShack, Robin Said that in the last 2 years,  they were unable to spend quality time with their families. Explaining to relatives why they left their jobs or why they were not working while working on “their idea” over the weekend was also quite a challenge.

About the Founders.

GrabShack is founded by two childhood friends, Robin Srivastava and Harsh Rajat.

Harsh Rajat, who is also the CEO of GrabShack, earlier Co-Founded Digital Poke with Robin and others. It was all about creating Apps and Games. He also headed Digital Poke as the CEO and created 360 Web Browser from scratch, a browser for iOS.

Robin Srivastava, who is the CMO of the company, earlier Co-Founded 3 Magic Shots along with Harsh and others. Robin’s strategy helped many of the apps to the Top 10 of the US App Store.




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