Why language shouldn’t be a barrier in the modern day business world

English, no doubt, has been the language of preference for top organisations world over for quite some time. And why not? English is the language spoken in most of the countries. Though the percentage of English speaking population differ from country to country. Even though Chinese and Spanish are the top 2 languages spoken in the world, in the global business environment, English is still the most preferred means of communication. This, however, is particularly true if companies have offices in the top cities in a foreign land where it is easy to find English speaking talent.

But as the penetration level of global corporations is increasing in foreign countries, in smaller towns and cities, many companies are experiencing communication challenges. For example, consider the case where an executive in New York wishes to communicate directly with his counterpart in a small town in Nigeria. Language can be a big problem here. Not just in the business world, language barriers can be a great factor in limiting the potential of individuals and other stakeholders. In this technologically advanced society that we are living, should different language be a barrier in communication? The answer is No. The best thing that can be done is to hire professional translation services instead of “Googling” the meaning of your contract terms or say, medical description. There are numerous translation service agencies which can be of great assistance for individuals and organizations.

But how do you pick a translation service agency? You should remember that Translation requires unique skills that go beyond simply knowing a second language. Therefore you should ascertain that the service provider is well versed with the second language and the translation agency hires translators after rigorous tests and only after their subject matter expertise is established. For example, if you are opting for medical translation services, your translated should be well versed with the key aspects of medical translation. Similarly, if you are looking for website localization services, you need to hire Translators who are experts in localization and who understand differences between cultures (symbols, colors, references, etc.). Moreover, they should provide Implementation of specific website characteristics for the target area.

On many occasions, companies ask in-country professionals to translate the content. However, they may not have enough time, nor the writing ability and attention-to-detail required to translate both the message and intent of the original document. Therefore, it is always wise to hire the service of a professional translator. Remember, an inaccurate translation can lead to potential business losses and litigation. A few dollars spent on hiring a translator is nothing in comparison to the potential damage that can be caused to your business.

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