How to Increase Ticket Sales on Theme Parks

It is the dream of any theme park proprietor to have their establishment fully packed all year long. Attendance at theme parks is synonymous with ticket sales. More ticket sales mean more park visitors. This eventually translates to profitability, which obviously means more money for the park. The rate of ticket purchase is, however, dependent on a number of factors including budgets, travel prices, amount of disposable income among others. Some periods are characterized with high ticket sales, peak seasons, while others feature an all-time low sale of tickets. The period of low ticket sale, off-season, is, in fact, every park’s nightmare.

Theme parks, therefore, have to put up strategies to help keep ticket sales at an all-time high despite the season. They have to devise creative tactics to attract and maintain a steady stream of customers throughout the year. The most obvious strategy to achieve this usually involves the integration of coupon code discounts in ticket sales. They notably cut down the overall ticket price and stimulate more purchases. This alone is not enough to guarantee sustained high numbers and should, therefore, be complemented with other ways. When carefully included into ticket sales, these ways could greatly attract more guests to the park and consequently keep profits at a maximum.

Here is a detailed look at the several ways through which theme parks can increase ticket sales and profitability:

Capitalize On Discounts

With this tough economy, consumers are barely managing on a budget. They are faced with pressing financial obligations from all angles of their lives, especially on the most basic of them. For that reason, spotting anything discounted comes as a welcome surprise to most of them, and they are sure to grab the offer as fast as they possibly can. Other than doing this through promo codes, offering a general discounted ticket price rate can attract a significant number of this class of customers who are rather sensitive to costs.  

When offering discounts, though, be careful to ensure you keep being profitable. Overdoing it may lead to losses and subsequent financial struggles to keep the park’s doors open. With the accounting team, theme parks should look at the numbers and come up with a ticket rate that is favorable to both the consumer and the park as well. Remember, it is better to sell more of discounted tickets than selling nothing at all.

Use of Technology

With the use of technology, the experience in theme parks can be greatly enhanced. Usually, theme parks are characterized by long waiting lines at the ticketing center. But with the use of technology, ticketing can be streamlined. For instance, online ticket sales will serve to reduce the traditional long waiting lines at the park.  

Additionally, technology plays a crucial role in linking theme parks with customers. Social media has established itself as a key channel for brands seeking to reach more customers, theme parks being no exception. With numerous platforms such as Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, theme parks can present their value to a larger number of potential customers and increase their ticket sales. It is also instrumental in generating interest in a theme park, which arises as customers share and discuss their experiences at the park on their online profiles. If the experience is positive, this kind of information will be widely disseminated to their contacts and contacts of contacts! The extensive reach can be easily converted into ticket sales.

Increased Value of Services

Theme parks should consider increasing the value of their services in order to stand out and appeal to diverse groups of visitors. They should be way more than just a place for fun, thrills, and rides. For starters, they should consider hosting cultural experiences, which is a great way to attract a diverse audience. Shopping for souvenirs is another area that can be tapped for value addition. This should be made easy and enjoyable by strategically positioning stores at the point of exit. Some visitors come basically to shop for souvenirs. If their experience is improved, they are sure to return. Also, include a collection of creative and quality products to give visitors something to look forward to for their next trip.

Theme parks dream of an all-time high ticket sale. This is, however, dependent on several factors, the key one being the customer’s budget. With an inclusion of smart tactics in ticket sales, it is possible for these parks to ensure a steady stream of customers and an increased sale of tickets. Application of discounts, technology use, and value addition are among the main strategies that can be employed to make this happen.


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