Interview with Deborah Aduhene, CEO of Woven Trends

When it comes to clothing and accessories market, especially for Women, the market for the related products has been ever expanding. However, ever since the advent of online shopping stores, many buyers are opting for shopping from the comfort of their homes. Recent studies on consumer preferences in the United Kingdom has shown that the market has seen an upward trajectory since 2013.

The online market space for Women’s outerwear in the United Kingdom saw a growth of 22.6 percent at the end of 2017. Similarly the online market for Women’s underwear and Women’s accessories saw a growth of 12.4 percent and 17.2 percent respectively. All this tells us about the changing purchasing behavior of the customer and the scope for entrepreneurs to tap the online retail space in the United Kingdom.

Though there is a plethora of Online stores operating in the Women’s clothing and accessories segment, there is one concern which is common among buyers from these stores and that is-Poor Customer service and the lack of feeling welcomed and special as one feels in any physical retail store. Addressing these challenges head on is Deborah Aduhene, founder of Woven Trends ™ .

In order to understand more about the Women’s clothing and accessories market in the United Kingdom, the issues faced by the customers and to know how Woven Trends is working to solve some major issues in this market, we interviewed its founder Deborah Aduhene.

Why did you venture into the online space offering Women’s clothing and accessories, given the existence of some big players who are already dealing in this segment?

“Woven Trends cater for women fashion wear, apparel, jewelries, accessories and makeup. The idea behind Woven Trends has been to offer a unique shopping experience to consumers. Starting on the Etsy platform as a handmade only shop, we have grown into a global brand fashion and accessory brand. Shopping online is generally not regarded as fun given the lack of personal touch, the absence of the feeling of being welcome to a physical store. Woven Trends was conceptualized to put the fun back in fashion and affordable luxurious fashion.Our focus from the start has been to treat each costumer as a unique individual. Our customers feel welcome from the first time they make an enquiry till when they shop with us, so much so that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the fashion world”.

Image: Woven Trends

Being an entrepreneur is never easy and retail sector always faces stiff competition from both established and new companies. What was your initial challenge?

“It has been a very sharp learning curve for us, being of little experience in the industry. There was so much information to take in and understand that at some points we became frustrated. Our focus however helped us get to terms with the challenges we faced.”

 What unique perspective Woven Trends is bringing to its customers?

“We aimed to be different from others in the retail sector through our customer service. This also meant that we reply to every customer email, we do not use template emails or automated emails to reach out to our customers.Every customer is treated in a unique way and receives a personalized shopping experience. No two individuals are the same, so we do not rely on statistics in relating to our customers.”

As discussed earlier, Women’s clothing and accessories sector faces huge competition. How do you differentiate yourself from your main competitors?

“We set ourselves apart from others in women fashion and accessories by making the customer our priority. The customer to us is more than just a customer ID number; they are individuals with individual personalities. That is why we relate to them on a personal level, to ensure that the customer feels satisfied with our service, every part of our shopping experience is tailored to consider the individual need of the customer.”

In celebrating its one-year anniversary, Woven Trends will be holding a series of events from flash sales to free giveaways on its social media channels. (The details can be found at the end of the article.)

“We launched our shopping platform to place focus on the needs of our customers. We tailored it to help them find their products faster as well as be able to ask questions about the product directly from the shop. Very soon we will be holding sales and giveaways as a part of our one year celebration.” she added.

Woven Trend’s Social media channels.

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About the founder.

The current CEO of Woven Trends Limited is Deborah Aduhene, a young entrepreneur, born in Italy; she currently resides in the UK. She is a visionary with an eye for fashion and seeks to revamp the modern fashion scene.

The Woven Trends ™ brand is owned and run by Woven Trends Limited UK, a UK registered business in Fashion Retail. Woven Trends ™ and WovenTrends ™ are registered trademarks for Woven Trends Limited UK.

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