Why Your Business Needs Mobile Sales Force Automation

In the past, sales people used to travel long distances to meet with clients or customers face-to-face in order to sell company products and services, and after a hard day’s job the sales representatives must return to the office once again to record the number of sales closed in that particular day on the computer system. Sales teams had to wait until the end of the day to register their details and sometimes it lead to missing important sales information.

But mobile sales force automation aims to eradicate the challenges faced by sales people while working out on the field. It streamlines the sales process while providing the sales team with access to important resources.

The software can even benefit organizations as they can track the activities of the sales team, obtain real time sales updates, mobilize important resources and customer database, and oversee all the pivotal sales information for each of the customers.

Here are the three reasons why your business should go the mobile sales force automation route:

  1. Improves Sales Team Productivity


By taking advantage of mobile sales force automation, sales management can alleviate lost sales, missed opportunities, and disappointed customers.

The new mobile technology is a huge benefit for sales people as they can update their completed tasks on their mobile device in real time, eliminating the tedious task of data entry work at the office. Also, whenever the sales team engages with customers, they can easily access complete customer information right at their fingertips and close the deal successfully. It increases the response rate to the questions from customers and eliminates responses such as “I don’t know exactly, let me call in” or “I will let you know when I get back to the office.”

  1. Monitor Sales Activities &Get Real-time Updates

It’s not only the sales management team who can benefit from mobile sales force automation, but the company as a whole can take pride in this.

The sales manager sitting at the office desk can track the exact time of the product delivery using a GPS tracker and view all his delivery employees on Google Maps in real time. The manager can even check out the current location of delivery couriers and can assign some important tasks while on the go. Also, the manager can automatically generate reports of each delivery and send to his clients’ SalesForce account directly from his app.

  1. Provides Better Customer Service

Businesses run successfully only when their customers are happy with them. Mobile sales force automation creates a smile on the faces of your customers. It allows the sales team to do their job more easily and more quickly. They can process orders instantly, make electronic notes about their customers, check previous customer order information, etc. all online. As a result, it provides more space for the sales team to focus on customer issues and customer feedback.

No matter whether your enterprise is small or big, every business owner wishes to hit the top notch and continuously works at making their company into a household name. Mobile sale force automation is like the cherry on top and it is a must for businesses of all sizes to improve the bottom line and productivity of the sales team.

Author Bio:

Emma James is a freelance content writer at SutiCRM, who frequently blogs on Business, Marketing, Sales, ERP and SaaS trends.

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