An interview with Vaibhav Chouhan, founder of Zigsaw

Zigsaw is a Rajasthan based Startup which provides solutions like Test Algorithms that would make test assessments more reliable and consistent along with solutions on some of the key issues any modern day organization faces around hiring employees.

Zigsaw  was founded  in 2014 by Vaibhav Chouhan who is also the CCO of the company. Vaibhav recently quit his job from the HR team of Tata Power to pursue his venture full time. Since 2014, Zigsaw team has worked with interns from NIT Surathkal & MNIT. In 2015, they worked with management interns from TAPMI & a developer from VNIT. Currently the team consists of people from IIT BHU, IIT Roorkee, Techno NJR, BNPG, SSCE and MIT Manipal.


Zigsaw Team

Vaibhav was offered funding in 2014 when he declined the offer. He wanted the Startup to be bootstrapped and to let it grow organically. Currently he wants his venture to remain bootstrapped for alteast next 6 months to 1 year before exploring funding options.

TOS interviewed Vaibhav to know more about his venture.

TOS : How did the journey of Zigsaw begin ?

Vaibhav : I wanted a better test algorithm for I didn’t fair good in the only CAT I took in my final year. I knew it should have been better than it was. Even for my friends, the scores were a little unexpected(both ways). On the other hand, scores of my lobby mates for GRE & GMAT were consistent with their scores. In September 2013, my friend Abhay asked me to make a bucket list. It was here, that this idea re-surfaced. There was no looking back since then. Abhay made me work on it. I definitely owe him big time for zigsaw. From there, the idea has evolved from assessments to recruitment.

TOS : Though the idea of going ahead with a Startup is simple, actual implementation is tough. What were the initial challenges that you faced?

Vaibhav : Finding a technical Co-founder was the biggest challenge. I tried finding one through my networks but was not able to. I am glad that I did it anyways. We need to have a better platform to connect with like minded people. So, again Zigsaw evolved from test algorithm to a problem that should be solved now i.e. “Building a team”

TOS: Please tell us a little bit more about the algorithm and how it works

Vaibhav : When you start any test, my best guess for your score would be 50/100. If you answer 5 questions at a trot correctly, my best guess for your final score would change to probably, 60. The baseline of the score would keep on changing. The basic idea is to give a more accurate estimation of the scores. As we repeat this over a period of time, we get better guesses each time. Mind it, that the system allows for outliers & would include such cases in its calculations. Some basic logic of machine learning are also used for algorithm to self improve itself

TOS : What about the growth of Zigsaw since its inception and your targets in near future

Vaibhav : We have been operating pan India for the last 18 months. Although, we would continue doing this but in terms of growth would take a much aggressive approach centered around geography wherein we intend to bring all Job seekers from Rajasthan & Gujarat on our platform.  We should also be able to launch our ambitious gamify project by March 2016 wherein we intend to clash of clan’ize “recruitment”. Also, our mobile applications are under development & should be out there by June end.

TOS : When you are managing a Startup, it is very hard to find time for yourself. How do you spend the little free time you get?

Vaibhav : Well,  I used to be a reading buff but I have not completed a book in the last 1 year because of my engagements. I have played CS with all the batches of interns that have been here. I, once remember a designer had written on his behance page “You can own me if you could defeat me”. I made him apply for a job 😛 .


Currently, Clients of Zigsaw include growing Startups like Fizz, Grubbr, BlackLight studio, Empower Labs etc and some stage 2 startups like Zaya Labs, Monocept, Nimap among others.

Team TOS

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