From 3 million users in 2016 to 8.5 million users in 2018. Interview with Bhola Meena and Rajveer Meena, Founders of OnlineTyari

Established in 2014, OnlineTyari, a brainchild of Mr. Bhola Meena & Mr. Rajveer Meena—an IIT & IIM alumni, is India’s leading and fastest growing web and mobile app platform providing a complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams in India. Based in Gurgaon, OnlineTyari is turbocharged by the latest technologies for solving test preparation problems and facilitates the students interested in government jobs exam preparation in all possible manner. Its unique data-driven and deep analytical approach makes it unique in the field.

We recently interviewed Mr. Bhola Meena & Mr. Rajveer Meena to know more about their success and about the online exam preparation market in general.

What were the initial challenges that you faced in this sector given the existence of similar educational platforms in India?

We started from Jaipur in 2014 initially. We were convinced that very soon online mode of preparation will take over from traditional methods. But the real challenge was to identify  top 3 critical services which students need most and package them in ease to use way. So building a CX, which can be used by all students, was bigger challenge at early stage. With few iterations, we were able to achieve it and things started moving forward swiftly.

After initial 12 months, we launched premium courses for students to boost their chances of success. But it did not go well as we planned due to multiple factors such as low trust to online preparation material, greater familiarity with traditional study methods and lack of online payment infrastructure. But we decided to remain invested and learnt the art of survival during those situations. Our vision to make impact was always much larger than momentary situations. But gradually students’ response to our premium products improved and we started getting lot of inbound feedback on various fronts. Since then we did not look back and are adding value to student’s life everyday.

What is the reason behind a massive surge in the user base of OnlineTyari from 2016 to 2018?

It wasn’t that easy then as it looks now. Our initial 12 months we took considerable attempts identifying immediate needs which can be fulfilled through APP/Web based platforms. We had immense learnings from customer feedbacks and what could be the potential add-ons which can bring huge growth on platform in future.

We created product roadmap which allowed us to focus on execution post in-depth market understanding. With Detailed road-map, we had clarity on how to encapsulate Product Information with premium content along with student key needs.

One of key matrices, we follow is student satisfaction and with time we were getting better score in it. We adopted vernacular medium for learning in early phase, which opened new base for platform. And because of these innovations, students are stuck to us and spreading the word of mouth which is also a big reason of expanding our user base. 

How do you differentiate yourself from your domain competitors?

Unlike other platforms, Our core focus remains on Customer Satisfaction and deliver services which keeps improving it over period of time. Our key differentiation is culture of keep customer in center of every innovation or enhancement.

This Deeply ingrained attitude of customer satisfaction defines priority in our team and deliverables. This culture difference is translating in customer loyalty and growth for us.

We have heard a lot about TyariPlus feature on your platform. Please tell us something more about it.

Since beginning, we wanted to provide equal opportunity for students who are aspiring to get job. To do so, we launched platform where anyone can come and start preparing with personalized guide without wasting much of time. Keep that goal in sight, we have recently launched annual subscription ,i.e. TyariPlus, for students at marginal cost.  With TyariPlus, we are offering unlimited access to preparatory material on platform for all exams for next 12 months at @1499. As part of introductory offer, this plan was available at INR 399 for limited period. More than 10,000+ students subscribed to TyariPlus during the introductory period.

Do you think the charm of Online preparation is going to continue among students or do you sense that classroom based learning will rule the coaching /exam preparation market in the long run?

With the development of technology, India has witnessed an enhanced acceptance of online education/Learning over a period of few years. Online preparation is not just about preparation but better analysis of individuals performance on relative terms. At OnlineTyari Platform, We have seen 30-35% increase in score of students after informing students their weakness areas and suggesting them how to improve on it. This is significant boost.

We believe, we should not keep it like Online v/s Offline rather Ecosystem approach will better answer for value maximization.  Both platforms shall collaborate and improve on inefficiencies by learning each other. We are working with 150+ coaching partners to deliver value to their students. Also we provide value to these partners by increasing their assets utilization.

So Convergence of both paths shall be future.

More About OnlineTyari

On the Online Tyari platform The students can avail mock assessment tests, test preparation e-books and study material in three languages i.e., Hindi, English, and Marathi whereas the coaching classes tie-up with OnlineTyari for test prep solutions and other technical needs. Recently, the company has also established its offline presence in key cities by establishing Experience Centres where students can take tests and get their doubts cleared.

OnlineTyari has launched its Annual Subscription plan Where students can prepare access unlimited content for preparation over a period of 12months and that to in just Rs 1,499 that can provide access to over 1,000 mock tests worth Rs 5,000OnlineTyari envisions to become ‘No. 1 test preparation platform’ and its mission is to achieve ‘1 million monthly test takers by March 2019’. Working towards this, the company will be expanding its offline presence in North India by the end of 2018. It is also looking to enable more vernacular languages on its platform by next year. With a clear vision and strategy to make its mark in the edtech sector, OnlineTyari endeavours to bring the youth of the country on a single digital platform and help them prepare well for their dream government jobs.
The success of the company can be gauged from the fact that the mobile app of OnlineTyari has been downloaded by 7 million students and 5 million+ students have registered on its online platform. OnlineTyari is backed by leading angel investors like Vikram Chachra, Globevestor and other leading investors in education domain such as Dell Foundation, Contrarian Drishti and 3one4 Capital.

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