This Entrepreneur from Chennai is distributing 300 free tree saplings this World Environment Day

Every year, June 5 is observed as World Environment Day to raise global awareness so that people can take positive steps to protect our environment and ultimately our planet earth. Like any popular event, World Environment Day also has a theme and the theme for 2016 is “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife”.

Sowmya Sankaran, a young Entrepreneur from Chennai has decided to make a difference this year. She owns a social initiative named Life with Equality.The initiative strives to support afforestation along with  working for rescue and rehabilitation of animals in need, Connecting people with right opportunities for empowerment,providing free rural entrepreneurship programs and Offering free mental wellness programs.

Rather than liking and sharing Facebook posts on the urgent need of saving the environment and rambling on the harmful effects of deforestation, Sowmya is busy distributing 300 free tree Saplings to ‘right people’ who can take care of the saplings once they are planted. She started her campaign yesterday at 5 PM and will run it for 24 hours. Many organizations have approached her and she has already distributed around 100 saplings.

Apart from working on her social initiative Life with Equality, Sowmya has 2 years of experience in mentoring and consulting Startups in areas of business pitches. She is also a Content Coordinator of  Kaara Saaram – A public debate show – on Doordarshan Podhigai Channel. Sowmya has been awarded  twice by Tamilnadu Cultural Foundation for Best Writer and Best Young Entrepreneur.


Sustainable development is one of the key areas that our policy planners are struggling with.  Economic development cannot be and  should not be achieved at the cost of environmental degradation. Social Entrepreneurs nowadays are increasingly taking up the challenge of reducing the impact of global warming because of deforestation. The saplings provided by Sowmya, once grown, will absorb around 14400 pounds of Carbon Dioxide annually.

We cannot leave everything to be done by the government. Climate change is once such area where collective effort is the only way forward . Sowmya has done her part. Are you ready to take up the challenge and be the next changemaker ?

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