Online Health and Wellness news can be a game changer for you. Here is how BRIGID can help

Health and Wellness is one of the buzzwords of the Twenty First century. However, there is a widespread ignorance about the concept of Wellness and in common parlance, may sometime refer to only physical wellness and some other times as the state of just being “happy”.

Be that as it may, wellness is something that one cannot neglect. But the availability of knowledge related to Health and Wellness is not always readily available and may sometimes be inaccurate. So how does one make oneself aware of the nuances and subtleties associated with the various aspects of Health and Wellness?  Apart from approaching wellness coaches, one can refer to a plethora of wellness related articles available online. But if the news/articles are not written experts, there is more harm in following the tips available in any random “Top 10 tips to remain healthy”. Addressing this challenge and other challenges related to this sector and catering to the needs of the readers,  BRIGD, which is a Canada based website, features evidence-based, science-informed dispatches from reliable sources around the world.

According to the founder of BRIGID, Kristen Hovet , Overall wellness is BRIGID’s focus. “We are passionate about facts delivered in an interesting and open-minded way. Our journalists bring you the latest news in Health, Psychology, and Social Issues. Where applicable, we take a solutions journalism approach, which means we avoid “doom and gloom” stories that are focused solely on reporting problems. We believe that journalism should inform, inspire, and empower.” she added.

BRIGID addresses issues not just related to physical wellness but the site also publishes articles related to other aspects of wellness like mental wellness, psychological wellness, among others. BRIGID also covers important social issues like issues pertaining to LGBT community, Sexual Abuse etc.

Almost a trillion dollar industry globally, the Health & Wellness market space is dominated mostly by beauty and anti-aging product sales at $679 billion, followed by fitness and mind + body exercise ($390 billion) and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).


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