Bodøposten is now among top 5000 most visited sites in Norway

Bodøposten, a Free online newspaper started in September 2017, by Gunnar Andreassen has been received pretty well by the people in Norway and in a very short span of time the newspaper is among top 5000 most visited sites in Norway. Currently the team at Bodøposten comprises 8 writers.

Talking about  Bodøposten, Gunnar Andreassen, the editor of Bodø said that the publication is a local newspaper, so they primarily cover the most important news in the city of Bodø, stories in the Salten region and Nordland county. However, they also cover culture, sports and national news which are making headlines thereby giving it a national touch.

Starting any publication requires meticulous planning and an awesome team of content writers along with a sound policy governing the publication. “In the beginning our biggest challenge was creating an editorial policy for Bodø However any editorial policy is an ever evolving thing and will change with time i.e.  this will always be a work in process as there are new stories every day of the week published on the website” said Gunnar Andreassen.
However, the surge in online media houses not just gives more options to the news consumers but it also pushes media houses to come up with the best and this surge definitely creates a competitive environment. Talking about the competition that Bodøposten is facing, Gunnar said that “Our main competitors are local newspapers and other local online media houses. Therefore we try to publish different and interesting news stories that not just resonates with the public sentiment but also has captivating content. We also publish breaking news when there are any so that the viewers do not miss out on any important “Wildfire News”.

The publication is planning to expand the segments available in future so that readers of all sorts are served.

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