This Irish price comparison search engine can help reduce your travel expenses

Over the last five years, the number of flight and hotel booking apps and websites is increasing at an exponential rate. Though each and every website or service provider claims to provide the best deal in the market, it is the customer who faces the predicament and faces the problem of choice. The sheer number of these apps and websites is prohibitive in nature and from a customer’s perspective going to each site individually is a time-consuming affair.  Jafeti, an Ireland-based travelprice comparison search engine aims at eliminating this problem

jafetiBooking a hotel, flight, car and vacation home via Jafeti is a simple two step process. In the first step, the user enters the search criteria like region, check in date etc.. Jafeti’s algorithms then do the internal crunching and generates the best possible deal for the user.

In the second step, the user compares results generated by Jafeti using various filters available on the portal to find the ideal flight and / or accomodation like hotel, bed and breakfast, homestay, hostel, villa, holiday apartment, condo among others. Once the user selects the deal, Jafeti redirects the user to the website providing the deal where flights, hotel, hostel or holiday rental can be booked directly.

Founded by Giscard Asther, Margherita Caputo and Mesmin Yao, Jafeti has partnered with some of the most renowned hotels  to give travellers the best deals in accommodation and in finalizing last minute hotel reservations. Jafeti covers almost everything from budget accommodations to airport hotels to luxury hotels. Jafeti’s search engine can also search the hotels by airport proximity, landmarks, shopping areas, and destination.

Though not a Travel and Hospitality(T&H) company by itselfJafeti, through its algorithms, search and compare prices for hotels, hostels , flights and vacation rentals services provided by over 700 travel agencies, airlines, hotel ,hostel booking sites so that the user gets the best available deals and prices without going through the pain of visiting a plethora of websites.

“Our objective is to build a mega travel search engine, a one stop destination where people can find everything they need for their holidays, from flights, cruises, hotels to event tickets. Currently we are providing services in four categories : Hotels, Flights, Vacation rentals and Car hire. However, we are planning to expand our services pretty soon and the best is yet to come. We are utilizing the latest technology in conjunction with a robust software infrastructure along with partnering with the best players in the market to ensure that the customers get the best experience and the customer turns out as the ultimate winner,” said Margherita Caputo to Times of Startups.

According to Margherita “Travel and Hospitality sector presents great opportunities to Entrepreneurs. The number of tourists is increasing year by year and this trend is going to continue. In order to compete in this sector, the players involved must perfect their services and give something different to their customers. They should be ready to innovate and should be willing to adopt new and futuristic technologies including Artificial Intelligence.”

According to experts, 2017 is going to be big for T&H industry. The allied sectors , including accommodation, transportation, entertainment etc. are expected to generate services to the tune of over 3.50 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017. Price comparison search engine service provided by Jafeti can go a long way in solving some of the customer side concerns and especially the classical problem of choice.

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