Dubai Government collaborates with US-based Startup Cazza for 3D Printing

The Dubai Government is ready to collaborate with US-based startup, Cazza Construction Technologies. It will be used primarily to aid 3D printing in the country.

Chris Kelsey, CEO of the  startup, said: “We were one of many groups invited to showcase our technologies in Dubai. The government has been looking around the world, whether it was companies from the Netherlands, China, Russia, or the USA to see the upcoming technologies involving construction automation and 3D printing.

“Out of all of the groups they’d seen online or spoken with, they were most fascinated with the capabilities of our unique machines.”

Using 3D printing concrete minitanks that can build a three-storey house in two days and other innovative technologies, Kelsey claims that they are in Dubai ” to revolutionise the construction industry”. “While the specifics of our technologies will only be revealed to close partners, the capabilities of our machines would enable a potential labour cost reduction of up to 90% while allowing construction companies to rapidly build houses and buildings,” he continued.

Cazza’s COO, Fernando De Los Rios, added that the company will soon begin to bring its engineers from across the world to start working in Dubai and the surrounding areas.

Although the details of its upcoming 3D printing projects and its local partners will be revealed in early 2017, Kelsey mentioned that the self-funded startup is already in talks with well-known developers and government agencies in Dubai to join hands for 3D printing.

Dubai leads the way for 3D printing with the opening of the world’s first fully-functional 3D-printed office building. Located next to Emirates Towers, The Office of the Future caters to the Dubai Future Foundation, which is a research body responsible for helping the emirate develop new technologies.

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