Coimbatore Startup launches home automation module

A startup in Coimbatore which was founded by two college students has developed a compact home automation module. They claim that it will be the most affordable in the market.

The prices of ‘Smitch’ module will  range from Rs 2,999 to Rs 13,499. It will focus on savings and comfort. The module will be launched at a consumer fair at coimbatore on April 21, H R Sanathkumar of PSG College of Technology said.

Sanathkumar who is also the CEO of start up firm Karsan Technologies Pvt Ltd, said the compact smitch module can be placed comfortably behind any existing switchboard and does not require rewiring or change in existing wiring.

The product, with its interactive mobile app and on-board timers permits users  to control and schedule any home appliance. It also allows users to optimize energy consumption by 40 per cent by analyzing and prompting change in usage patterns.

The home automation market is at a nascent stage in the country and the average cost of automation for a home is still very high.

Pragadheesh Raj, CTO of the company, said they would launch the products in eight cities, including Coimbatore, Mumbai,Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai, with initial capacity of 6,000 pieces.

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