The Risks of Starting a New Business – Things You Should Know

The Risks of Starting a New Business – What You Should Know

When you feel that your knowledge is worth much more than your current job and company, maybe it is time to start your own business adventure. It is a dream-come-true scenario for every rookie entrepreneur; at least until you come across the first obstacle. Since the path to success is a rocky road, it is important to know what bumps should be avoided along the way.

Employment hazards

Although you might start as a sole trader or a one-person business, it is probable that you will soon need some help. Your load of work will grow, hopefully, and you will have to hire workers to assist you in making your business a well-known company. However, it is important to avoid some common mistakes that beginner business owners usually do.

Firstly, if you have any other options, do not hire your friends. No matter how much they might need a job, mixing friendship and work could end up in getting the worst from both worlds.

Secondly, you should skip volunteers. While those youth workers could have a certain level of enthusiasm, it goes without saying that people who work without a payment are not as productive as paid employees.

What you should do is use the benefits of outsourcing. On one side, IT businesses can choose from a variety of global online workers. On the other side, offline businesses can reduce their overhead expenses if they hire establish cooperation with freelancers.

Management traps

Unfortunately, great workers and experts often turn out to be inept managers. What every worker can do to assess their managerial skills is to scrutinize their own moves and decisions over a course of time. If you realize that your mindset is not a managerial one, you should still launch a business of your own, but in a different way. For such people partnerships are the best option. That way you can organize the professional side of the work, while the organizational and the managerial side should be left to your business partner. Of course, the partner should be a person who has a lot of managerial expertise and experience. Learn more about pros and cons that come with business partnerships through this SBA partnership guide.

Financial risks

The worst thing that can happen to a newly launched business is to become a victim of a business fraud. This includes not being paid on time or working with businesses that break deadlines. If a small business owner experiences such an unpleasant situation more than once, they will lose both the enthusiasm and important assets that ensure a regular work and cash flow. Therefore, if you are at the beginning of the business development process, do not get distracted and tricked by vague promises, but ensure your payments with surety bonds. This system is simple; if you want your business associate to make an official and legal obligation that they will do their work on time, they should buy the bonds. In case they do not meet the agreed conditions, the surety company will pay you the damage caused by the associate’s delay.

Market issues

Last, but not the least, it is vital for every new business to spot and take an empty slot in the market. For instance, if you have worked in an app-developing business and you have realized that the market is craving for a new app, you should start a business of your own, create the app and make profits.

However, launching a business only to realize that the market needs neither your startup nor the products you make will almost certainly result in a business failure. Because of that, always conduct a professional market analysis before you start a business.


In the world of business, success is so hard to reach and risks of Starting a New Business are many. However, if you have knowledge and determination to succeed, you should never give up. Our guidelines should keep you within some reasonable limits to see whether or not it pays off to start a business. If you weigh that you can go for it, do not hesitate, but put your ideas to practice and hit the road to success.

The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Times of Startups.

John Stone

John Stone

John Stone is a business consultant and regular contributor to Bizzmarkblog. He believes in the notion that form should always follow function and that thinking outside of the box is a prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur.
John Stone

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