Top 7 Ways to Promote Your Business in the Lead Up to Christmas

Top 7 Ways to Promote Your Business in the Lead Up to Christmas

Before you know it, Christmas will be here, leaving you powerless to come up with creative means to make the most of it in terms of sales and profits. Research has shown that most brands and retail stores earn 20% of all their yearly profits from Christmas sales, making it the most important time of the year to attract customers.

So, what are your business plans for the holidays? It still isn’t too late to come up with one if you don’t have a plan as of yet. In this article, we are presenting you with 7 ways to help your business flourish during the holiday season leading up to a merrier Christmas.

1.     Add-ons sales:

Add-on sales include pairing up of like items that can be sold together as a bundle offer. Displaying such a sale would help you get rid of stock that lays idle in your store or brings in little to no revenue. That way, you will also have more space for other Christmas-themed products once it has been sold.

2.     Christmas-themed décor:

If you are an e-commerce business, a holiday-themed homepage will get your customer in the Christmas spirit. If you have a retail store, decorating it in the theme will bring in more customers to the store because everyone loves Christmas and the merriment that follows.

3.     Christmas Themed Advertisements:

Most brands acknowledge the impact a well-perceived advertisement can have on their brand. Therefore, they don’t shy away when it comes to spending on an advert that is guaranteed to bring in profits. They understand that the strongest promotion of their brand will be via an ad. Many brands even go to such an extent to introduce a separate Christmas-themed product range to make their business standout from the crowd. Coca Cola has been known to use this strategy every year by coming up with genius ideas to make Christmas unique!

4.     Social Media Countdown:

Brands also understand the importance of social media presence as ignoring it can mean the death of your business. If your brand is looking for a unique way to keep your customers glued, creating a Christmas countdown will do it. To make it even more interesting and fruitful for your customer, you can start a daily or weekly giveaway of a sample of your product to a few lucky customers who help you spread your message forward by either sharing or retweeting it.

5.     Creative Content:

Who says you only have to promote your brand 24/7. Too much advertising can get on the nerves. A customer may get excited about Christmas once, but they won’t remain excited if you keep forcing the same message over and over again. Creativity is the key. Your content should be engaging and should give something resourceful to your customers. Talk about tips on how they can keep their home clean if your business is that of a removal company, or give away the best Christmas recipes if your brand is closely associated with cooking or crockery.

6.     Giveaways or Competitions:

Who doesn’t love rewards and gifts that come off as free? We have already stressed on how they can help you build up your brand; doing it around Christmas time can land you more followers and new customers. People who weren’t interested in your brand before will start showing interest when they hear of the reward. If you think your business is all set to cater to these new customers, why not target them this Christmas?

7.     Christmas Newsletters and Emails:

We have already established how important it is for you and your business to be active on all social platforms. Why leave email marketing and newsletters out of the equation? When drafted right, they can bring in customers to stores, those who are looking for your brand. They could be about anything, from a reminder email to how your brand makes Christmas times happier.



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