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Maestra uses AI to automatically Voiceover and Subtitle videos to 50+ languages. Learn How to use Maestra Suite



maestra suite

Tech startup Maestra just released an online software that enables content creators to automatically voiceover and subtitle their videos to foreign languages in just minutes, allowing content creators to reach the billions of viewers around the world who don’t understand English.


The software works by automatically transcribing videos to subtitles using machine learning, then translates and subtitles the text automatically to 50+ languages.


Additionally, the software can automatically voice-over the foreign language subtitles onto the original video in just minutes, by using computer-generated voices.


“Over 50% of internet users don’t speak English, which is why subtitling and voicing over videos automatically can have a profound impact for viewers across the world,” said co-founder Berkay Atatop.


Subtitles and captions can help with more than just foreign languages. A recent study has shown that 80% of viewers are more likely to view videos to completion when subtitles and captions are available. Videos with captions posted onto Facebook have a greater organic reach by 135%.


To subtitle and voice over videos automatically with Maestra, all one has to do is upload their videos to Maestra’s platform, and press “Submit.” The videos are automatically subtitled and voiced over to English in just minutes. To add additional languages, users can click on the “add languages” button to instantly add subtitles and voiceover videos in foreign languages.

How to use Maestrasuite

1) First sign up for Maestra and create an account. After you’ve set up, click the “^” Button to navigate to Captions, if you’re not already there.

2) Click “+ New Caption” to begin the process of creating a new caption, then click anywhere in the grey box to select your file. Then click “Submit.” Machine learning and speech recognition software will now automatically caption the video!

maestro suite

3) Click on your file to view your caption.

maestro suite

4) To add subtitles in new languages, click the “+” button on the top right, next to “English”, then select almost any language available.

Once you’re satisfied with your captions and subtitles, click “Settings/Export” to export your captions in .srt or .vtt format, or embed the video directly onto your website so you can reach a global audience.


Benefits of a Project Management Software



Benefits of a Project Management Software

As a business owner, you would know that at times you have to handle multiple projects at one time. You obviously have to juggle all the way with different people, goals, and tasks to make sure everything goes smooth and results in the success of the project. However, project management in itself is not an easy task as it seems to many. There could be as many as hundreds of tasks that require your consideration and even if a single goes missing, the whole environment could turn out chaotic for you. 

Proper organization is extremely important for every project, and that’s the reason why many people now look up to project management softwares to handle the projects in the most effective ways. If you don’t use project management software, then you are just over-burdening yourself and wasting your time which could have been made productive. Also, it’s a daunting task to keep an eye on every worker of yours and see what they have been up to. Communication also becomes difficult as a result of which at times, the deadlines are missed which portrays a very bad and unprofessional image of your company. 

All the project management softwares come along with tools that you require to properly plan and organize your project. Regardless of the type of business, you are running, project management software can prove out to be very useful and can have a big positive impact on your company. It will increase the efficiency of your company followed by increased productivity. 

Below are some benefits of project management software for your company. 

Better Planning and Scheduling of Tasks

Irrespective of the applied methodology, proper project planning, and scheduling are two things that are the most important aspects of a project. With project management software, you can plan your entire project in no time. You can also access the previous record of your project easily with just one click. As a project manager, you can prioritize the tasks that are the most important and can come up with a consistent management plan. Construction job costing software is one of the best management softwares if you are already looking for one.

Effective Task Assigning

You must have found it difficult to assign the tasks in a fair way sometimes. Some tasks are very important and it is very important to assign them to the right person because it will affect the entire project. With project management software, you can add the details of all your workers in it, and the dates they are available at. With just one click, the software will display who is worthy of which task, which means you no more have to get into the hassle of assigning the tasks. Moreover, the software will also keep on sending reminders to you and your workers about the deadlines of completion so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Easy Sharing of Files

Privacy and protection are the two important aspects that you must take into consideration when sharing your files with someone. Businessmen these days understand the importance of security in matters of business because a single leak in data might blow off your project. Using drives isn’t safe at all and that’s where you can turn towards project management software. These softwares have management tools that offer you cloud-based storage. You can make alterations there and send your files securely to your employees and business partners. You can have all the peace of mind that your documents are safe and there will be no data breaches. 

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