Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing The HR Game

Artificial Intelligence has already shown its impact in various fields all around the world. Now, it is being deployed in Human Resources to make use of it in bringing effective changes. Its main purpose is to streamline the HR processes smoothly, leaving time for HR professionals to invest in other important works such as business relations and decision making.

One thing to remember is that using A.I in business organizations does not indicate to get rid of HRs. Instead, they automate and fasten the low prioritized tasks/processes such as payroll, onboarding, hiring etc., No longer will the traditional ways continue that are hindrances for the competitive edge in today’s world.

 “When companies select the top 20% of candidates based on a scientific assessment, they realize 41% less absenteeism, 70% fewer safety incidents, 59% less turnover, 10% higher customer metrics, 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability” –  Gallup

Hiring: –

At the time of hiring it is a common scenario to get lots of applications. It is such a hectic task to go through each resume and validate them. Finding the right talent is an impediment. Re-engagement of the candidate is a problem because of mere interaction or communication with the employer.

This is where A.I can take charge to conduct screening and accept applications of the right fit (Applicant Tracking System). It could give the feedback to the applicant at that very instant. Through this, it can keep necessary communication (automated messages and e-mails) with the applicants. The concept of bias can be totally removed with the customized algorithm being integrated into the software.

Increased Productivity: –

No doubt that the machines always outperform humans when it comes to mind work. We rely on them to make our workflow easy and flawless. Artificial Intelligence along with human intervention can give unmatched productivity. While the extra load of work is handled by A.I so that the concentration is put on the prime level tasks. This greatly saves time and cost incurred to the organization. Hence A.I solutions have evolved as a gamechanger in the business fields.

Employee Behavior Forecasting: –

An employee’s decision of leaving the organization can be predicted in advance by enabling the tracking system for employee’s activity on PC. It does the behavioral analysis with the predefined algorithm for such kind of tracking. This allows effective decision making for employee retention and to know the drawbacks that are underlying. It directly sends this data to the reporting manager, from where he could take a prior decision. The tracking system could be integrated with the current hr software increasing the accessibility.

“According to Bersin by Deloitte, 33% of employees expect that their jobs will become augmented by AI in the near future” 

Development & Skill Management:-

An HR person has to look after a newly joined employee for his onboarding, introduction, training, development etc., He needs to put in his time for each employee. What if the automation does everything? As soon as the employee is hired into the organization, he is taken through different tutorials, guidance by the A.I itself.  Also, it can schedule the classes through digital learning according to the time preferences of the staff member. So basically, you just save a lot of time, increase the performance, decrease the turnover and of course a lot of money.

Many believe that A.I is soon going to change the way of work. Organizations are opting for it. Truly this is going to be a major revolutionizer in the business world. Given that it is guided with a proper human control, then coming days are going to be fruitful for the HRs and organizations as well.

About the author:

This article has been written by Sarath for Times of Startups. Sarath is a Marketing Executive at Keka HR. He is a tech geek and is passionate about writing. He plays guitar and is slightly self-absorbed. He can’t keep calm when he’s around birds and love them a little much. He gets inspiration from nature and is creative when it comes to art.

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