Founders of this fitness app wish to help you find your fat burning partner

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It is about being better than you used to be.”

Having a fit body is something, that everyone strives for. Some of us start going to a Gym, playing soccer or attending dance classes. But sometimes, the passion and determination of achieving our fitness goals wither away in a matter of days or maybe a few weeks. More often than not, the underlying reason is universal. You do not have a partner with whom you can enjoy your fitness activities. And unless you enjoy your physical activities, you tend to stop doing them.

Understanding this basic problem which precludes many of us from burning our fats, Jumpsum was founded by Nirmal Gandhi and Punit Bhuptani. JumpSum is a recently launched fitness app, that enables users to connect with others with common sports & fitness interest and also with the trainers so that they can enjoy their favourite sports & fitness activities. For example, the app enables you to find a Cycling buddy, or a Gym Partner or a Cricket Team or a Yoga Trainer.

The app allows the users to create & join sports-fitness activities in their city thereby taking them off the couch & on the ground. This feature is important as it ensures users not only connect with each other on the app but also have an Opportunity to Plan, Schedule and Execute a sports-fitness activity through the app.

jumpsum app

‘My passion always lied in Sports & Fitness. Particularly cricket & football and that led me and my partner Punit to start Jumpsum. We left what we were doing and dived into the unknown to follow what we believe can help people get fit and sporty. Our aim is to get people active , get them on the ground & get them to enjoy their favourite sports & fitness activities.” said Nirmal to Times of Startups.

“We were constantly having troubles in finding players or partners for our sports & fitness activities leading to failed plans. It was at this moment in May 2015 that we started working on this project. From concept to design, to development to marketing, it took us almost a year and we finally launched Jumpsum  app on Google Play on the 8th of April, 2016.” he added.

It took almost 3 months for Nirmal and Punit to simply design the app because they wanted the features of the app to be user-friendly and a real problem solver in every sense.

According to Nirmal, there is an underlying flaw in the way people connect to plan an event via Whatsapp or Facebook. You can only connect with people in your network. More often than not, people try to plan an activity on Whatsapp and somehow after 200-300 lines of constant bickering, plans tend to fail as friends back out. On the other hand, Jumpsum can help a user broadcast his activity on the app and everyone who uses the app will have the option to join the event thereby making sure the activity goes through.

There are millions of sports & fitness enthusiasts in India and Jumpsum founders believe that the app caters to everyone’s need by enabling them to not only come on the app and connect with others but also plan, schedule & organise an activity thereby taking them off the couch & on the ground.

Further, the founders of Jumpsum believe that the app and concept they have started has scalability that of a socialising app thereby enabling it to be used by anyone and everyone.

Since the launch in April, Jumpsum has managed to attract about 750 users across Mumbai.

Currently, their venture is bootstrapped. Their idea is to get users, get the reach and then approach the right investors who believe in their idea to be a part of the Jumpsum team.

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