Here’s how Code Ninjas is making Coding fun for young children in the US

Piano, Violin, Art, Kumon, and Mandarin lessons are just some of the skills we parents are desperately trying to impart onto our children to give them the edge we foresee as worthwhile. However, we neglect the game changer, a skill set many deem to be on the same plane as Math, Reading and Writing-CODING also known as computer programming, or computer literacy.

According to the US Department of Labor, one million jobs in computing will go unfilled by 2020. The biggest reason for these positions being not filled— lack of skilled candidates.

Though there has been a national movement to teach computing to students in schools across the country, the results have not been so encouraging. Moreover, the phenomenon of “pop computing” is on the rise, in which light version of computer science is catered to the students. This has seriously degraded the quality of coding skills among the students.

In this age, without an iota of doubt, one can assert that the knowledge of computer programming among children is very important for them securing a lucrative career in most fields. The world is advancing in technology at an unimaginable pace and those who do not know how to code will be locked out of this mandatory skill set.

Tackling this challenge head on is Code Ninjas, Code Ninjas solves the most fundamental problems involved in equipping children with the right coding skills at an early stage. The idea behind Code Ninjas is to create “Problem solvers of tomorrow “.

For many students, coding experience is not fun all the time. Existing after-school programs are boring and parents have to drag kids there. Existing online materials are too hard for kids to understand by themselves. Kids like to play and have fun, while parents want to see real results.Moreover, everybody wants their kids to be social, but screen time at home is a solitary exercise.

Wouldn’t it be great if one could impart coding skills in children by letting them do what they love the most- i.e. playing games? Code Ninjas provides a unique solution in this regard by providing a place where gaming is celebrated as kids gain confidence in coding, math, logic, and problem solving.

Code Ninjas creates a high-quality, continuous curriculum that lets kids grow and learn, no matter where they start.
Code Ninjas also offers an easy-to-follow system, with support and encouragement from a Code Sensei as well as fellow students. Code Ninja’s biggest USP is that the kids aren’t aware that they’re learning – they assume that they are just having fun.

Computing jobs allow economic mobility and great earning potential over the course of a career. Kids in the US are falling behind the rest of the world in STEM subjects. Moreover, schools don’t have time or resources to meet demand for quality coding education. As justified by the US Government’s own statistics available in various reports, a national non-STEM job opening is filled in about 33 days, compared to 56 days for jobs that require programming skills and 65 days for mobile developing. Thus, it is only wise to impart coding skills at a very early age and doing this in a way kids love will definitely yield good results.

Equip your child with being creators, producers and innovators of technology not SOLELY consumers of technology.

Enroll today, space is limited.

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