Hyperlocal Delivery Startup Roadrunnr’s Bengaluru Office Vandalized

Roadrunnr, which is a Bengaluru-based Hyperlocal delivery startup  saw its Bengaluru office vandalized by more than 50 people on Saturday night.It is being speculated that the ransacking was done by agencies that were losing people to this Startup  due to a differential payout model.

New employees for Roadrunnr were being made on the company payroll, after the company realized that the delivery boys hired by agencies were not getting paid PF and benefits. Drivers selected via agencies  get usually 10 percent lesser than non-registered drivers, because the company has to pay a commission to the agency.  The agency drivers  want to work directly with the company because of this reason.

A driver recruited through an agency makes around Rs. 18,500 a month. On the other hand if the driver is recruited directly he is paid Rs.22,500. Of late, the drivers realized that there is a 10 percent difference which resulted into drivers leaving the agencies .

In the CCTV camera footage shared with the Police, there were about 50 fifty vandals who damaged the office premises.Many of them were wearing Roadrunnr t-shirts. Roadrunnr sources its delivery boys directly. They work with 18 sourcing and payroll agencies across India, six of which are located in Bengaluru. According to the officials of Roadrunnr, the sourcing agencies are not likely to be the cause, as their relationship ends after they get us a delivery boy.

Around three weeks back , Roadrunnr had shifted its payout model for delivery agents to a per-order model, from a hourly payout model, . The startup pays delivery boys Rs. 55 for peak hours, and Rs. 45 for non-peak hours, along with incentives for crossing daily and weekly targets. The company’s delivery boys get Rs. 700 extra for doing 15 deliveries a week. If a delivery boy is in e-commerce team, then he makes around Rs. 28,000 per month, excluding fuel expenses.

Some big competitors of Roadrunnr’s in the hyperlocal delivery space include Delhivery, Quickli, Shadowfax, and Opinio.

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