Valentines Day leads to increase of up to 64% usage in Dating Apps among women: iCrushiFlush Reports

~ The report says that, 37% women spend over 22 minutes a day on iCrushiFlush, leading up to Valentines Day ~

India, 15th February 2017: Leading dating platform, iCrushiFlush has created a dating report on the occasion of Valentines Day, which analyses the app usage patterns of women leading up to the special day. The dating platform has seen a steady rise in the app’s usage with the “day of love” approaching soon, where, over 37% women have started spending more than 22 minutes a day on the dating app, of which close to 64% women belong to tier 2 and 3 markets.

With the growing availability of smartphones and increasing data connectivity, many smaller and developing markets have opened up to the use of apps for their daily use. Most of these apps have been entertainment or utility apps. However, the same markets are now seeing a surge of dating app usage, especially with the onset of the season of love, it is seen that average female time spent on the app leading up to Valentines Day has sizably increased with over 5 minutes a day per woman.

As we get closer to Valentines Day, it has now been seen that 37% women are spending over 22 minutes a day trying to find their matches via iCrushiFlush, of which over 55% are open to more than one match at a time and are exploring more than 83 profiles after one successful match. This implies that, Indian women are opening up to the idea of casual dating.

iCrushiFlush has been the premiere casual dating app in India, which has also seen a substantial growth across markets where the average female user is 23 years old, making it the casual dating app of choice among millennials. The app’s success is owed to its interesting features with which users can showcase mutual interests, by ‘sending a crush’ and ‘flushing out’ the rest. iCrushiFlush has been topping the charts in the mobile app stores under lifestyle category.

Speaking about the growing popularity of the App, Amit Vora, Founder and CEO of iCrushiFlush said, “It is very exciting to see our user-base grow over the past 3 years. The reach of the app is a sign that markets are evolving and opening up to the idea of casual dating. Our continuous effort in providing them secured access of verified profiles have built their trust and they look forward to making new friends. Looking at the market-penetration, which has been a key driving force for us to ensure a seamless and secure experience for our users , we now look forward to special days like Valentines Day to expand our reach.”

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