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Data shows USA is not prepared for 4-day work week



Data shows USA is not prepared for 4-day work week

A new study from payroll experts, FMP Global, shows that the USA works the most hours per week when compared to European countries in the study such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Sweden.

Data shows USA is not prepared for 4-day work week

Investigating the possibility of a 4-day work week and the likelihood of its introduction by major countries around the world, the data reveals that the USA is not in a strong position to take the shorter working week from idea to reality, working an average of 40.5 hours a week; the most hours worked out of the countries compared in the study.

It is recommended that a 4-day work week should total 32 hours, which can be structured as shorter working days, or one day off entirely. Currently, the country closest to hitting the 32-hour target is Denmark, who work 37.6 hours a week on average, and also rank the third highest for happiness in the 2020 Gallup World Poll and World Happiness Report. The USA currently ranks 14th.

The USA were also the country to have the least days off for vacations and holidays per year, with a total of ten. Significantly the lowest number in the study, this is half as many days as Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands who all have a minimum of 20 days holiday available. The leader of the category, France, offer a whole 30 days off; triple that of America.

Average weekly hours worked per country:

  1. Denmark – 37.60
  2. Norway – 38.40
  3. Germany – 38.80
  4. Italy – 38.80
  5. Netherlands – 38.90
  6. France – 39.10
  7. Ireland – 39.10
  8. Finland – 39.20
  9. Spain – 39.30
  10. Sweden – 39.80
  11. USA – 40.50

Caine Bird, Expert Payroll Writer at FMP Global said: “The data provides a necessary insight into American work culture, and how their approach compares to those of European countries. The 4-day work week has steadily gained attention, however putting this into practice can result in a shock to the system if people are too used to working longer hours.

“Reducing working hours and offering more holiday may sound counter-intuitive to being productive, however the data shows that by doing exactly this, staff feel more energised and ready to work effectively as a result of having more opportunity to relax and invest in their personal time.”

It’s not all bad news for the USA though, as they sat mid-table on the analysis of productivity increase per country, at $65.51 an hour. This represents the economic result of one hour of work, so for every hour an employee works, $65.51 is generated in the economy. Ireland leads this category, at $99.13 generated an hour – a huge $18.30 an hour more than Norway in second place.

Press Release

Hire Tableau Freelancer For Tableau Job Support & Consulting




We have a wide range of Tableau subject matter experts. They exclusively work with us as Tableau freelancers.  We provide Tableau project support to individual as well as Corporate Clients. For individuals, we provide Tableau freelancers who will do Tableau job support or Tableau project support in their project remotely via online. For Corporate Clients, we provide a Tableau freelancer who provides project support for their IT projects. Our Tableau freelancer can handle end to end Tableau implementation as well as Tableau project support.

Hire Tableau Freelancer (Subject matter expert) & get Tableau freelance support from 1 hour to 1-year contract assignment.

Hire Tableau Freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects and they will deliver projects on time, within budget, with a high level of quality, and meeting the customer’s current & future challenges. Outsource Tableau work and our exclusive SME work closely with your business to ensure you get the most out of your IT solutions, offering system implementation solutions, resources, and training.

MaxMunus Tableau freelancer can support the implementation of the Tableau project. Our technical crew has deep expertise in Tableau products and solutions and has the ability to implement complex solutions as well as support projects across anywhere in the world. We will provide step by step Tableau guide to solving the issues.

Hire Tableau freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects and they can help you in any task related to project management, project quality assurance development, process optimization, system optimization, workforce system optimizations and implementations and post-implementation support.

Tableau Introduction:

Tableau is a robust and one of the fastest growing data visualization and data analytics tool used in the Business Intelligence(BI) Industry.It helps in converting the raw data into a very lucid format. Using this tool, data analysis is quite significant, as it is a very strong visualization tool in the business intelligence industry. Data analysis is quite fast and easily understandable with Tableau and the visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets.  This software is specifically used by professional at any level in an organization to translate all the queries into visualization for their better understanding. Tableau software has the ability to import all sizes and ranges of datas. For any non-technical user, Tableau is a blessing for him as it offers the facility to create customized dashboards. The main advantage of Tableau software is that it doesn’t require any technical or any kind of programming skills to operate. Tableau has many other features like Data Blending, Real time analysis and Collaboration of data. Tableau is written with a proprietary language called VisQL. Tableau provides an optimized, live connector to SQL server so that anyone can create charts, reports, and dashboards while working directly with our data. Currently, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Cigna and Cisco etc. are using this Business Intelligence Tableau tool for their websites.

Our website is considered as best website to find and hire Tableau freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects. We have designed some very flexible plans which will help the employees to hire Tableau freelancer online as per their need.

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4) Emergency Support Plan:

MaxMunus is one of the best Tableau consulting company. Whether implementing new products or upgrading your current environment, MaxMunus can provide a remote Tableau freelancer for the functional and technical aspects of yours project. We ensure your project’s success at a lower cost than having an on-site consultant and without the skill gap, time zone, and communication issues experienced when off-shoring project roles. More efficient and cost-effective service from dedicated freelance Tableau support consultants who know your business and your systems. For details contact us.

The best part with us is that you just need to share your requirements rest all will be done by MaxMunus. AND YOUR’s PROJECT STARTS.

A Few of the clients we have served across industries are:

 DHL | PWC | ATOS | TCS | KPMG | Momentive | Tech Mahindra | Kellogg’s | Bestseller | ESSAR | Ashok Leyland | NTT Data | HP | SABIC | Lamprell | TSPL | Neovia | NISUM and many more.

MaxMunus has successfully conducted 10000+ freelance Tableau support for implementation and outsourcing projects for individuals and corporate clients. Hire Tableau freelancer online in Bangalore / Bengaluru, India, Finland,  Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Israel, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Denmark, Bahrain, JAPAN, South Korea, UAE, Switzerland,  Kuwait,  Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Czech Republic, China, Belarus, Luxembourg

Flexible Package

Our website is considered as the best Tableau consulting company and best website to hire Tableau freelancer online. We have designed some very flexible plans which will help the employees to find and hire Tableau freelancer online as per their need.

1) Pay Per Ticket (PPT): If you have any technical issues in your job and you want to hire Tableau freelancer online to solve those issues then you can raise a ticket by contacting us by either Email or Phone. So this plan is for those who want our services on a ticket basis.

2) Pay Per Hour (PPH): If you have some technical issues in your job and you want our experts for continuous Tableau guidance in solving the issue then you can opt for this hourly plan. Hire Tableau freelancer online for required hours and pay only for those hours consumed.

3) Pay Per Month (PPM): If you have some major technical issues in your job and you want our experts for continuous Tableau guidance in solving all the issues then you can opt for this monthly plan. Hire Tableau freelancer for whole one month and Get smooth Tableau freelance support for THE complete month. Discuss issues whenever it arises.

4) Emergency Support Plan: If you are looking for some immediate solutions in solving any issue then this plan is best for you. Hire Tableau freelancer immediately. Our experts will be available on an immediate basis to solve your query.

Why MaxMunus

One of the biggest challenges, why Big IT projects are not shared on freelancing sites, is that most of the time niche the relevant set of IT skill professionals is not available to work as freelancers.

MaxMunus is considered the Best freelance Tableau consulting company. MaxMunus has the expertise in all products of IBM, ORACLE, Microsoft, All ERP, Supply Chain, Cloud, etc. Tableau as well. Step by step Tableau guide and solution on all tickets of above-mentioned companies and their product.

Our website is considered as the best website to find and hire Tableau freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects.

MaxMunus provides Skill verified certified Tableau freelancer and subject matter experts. No need to take tension regarding evaluating various freelancer at various parameter. Its actually time consuming and distracting. In the IT industry, one professional may be equipped with multiple technologies. He may be good in one Tableau but may not be in another. So if the client goes with a freelancer with an overall rating than there is a possibility he may hire the wrong freelancer. And hence client may lose the right Subject Matter Expert or Tableau freelancer. We at MaxMunus take care of everything. We will connect you with the Best Tableau freelance to hire in your pre define budget. Who can provide Tableau freelance support. Hire Tableau freelancer for implementation, who can do end to end complex Tableau implementation projects. And will provide step by step Tableau guide for all tickets.

Hire Tableau freelancer online or subject matter experts after seeing the review will not be a great idea. When it comes to IT projects. Because all projects are time-bound. Hence we provide complete customized solutions to you. We will arrange a video conference call with the subject matter expert. The client can discuss everything with him. Once the client gets satisfied regarding the expertise of the subject matter expert or expert Tableau freelancer, then only he needs to pay.

If anything goes wrong an immediate replacement will be provided by MaxMunus at no cost. The money will be released to Tableau freelancers or subject matter experts at various levels of project completion after approval from the client.

Feature and benefit

  Customized Tableau freelance service online for Individual candidates & corporate client

  Smother Flow of Project:  client can directly interact with the Certified Tableau freelancer or subject matter expert.

  No Cost Dedicated account manager for Best Tableau freelance to hire.

  24*7 Project Tracking: complete tracking of project 24*7 will be available through all sorts of the communication medium is possible.

  Ultimate cost-effective solution: Just outsource the Tableau project and there will be no cost to hire Tableau freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects. The client only needs to pay for the work done by a subject matter expert or Tableau freelancer

  Data  & security challenges will be taken care of properly. Call us for details.

  Customized Contract: We work with you to create a Master of Service Agreement (MSA) and Statement of Work (SOW) contracts as per your needs. So that outsourcing Tableau project work will not hamper your company’s security challenges. Get complete Tableau freelance support. Our expert Tableau freelancer will do end to end implementation on complex projects,

  No-Risk in Trial Period: If you are not satisfied with the Tableau freelancer and you update us about the same in the trial period then you can choose to end the contract in the trial period with no termination cost.

  Tableau Freelancer (SME) Soft Skill Check: One of the Freelance Business Consulting Benefits with us is that Apart from TABLEAU Skill we also check certified Tableau freelancer on soft skill parameters. Like attitude, ethical values, energy, education, and English proficiency, etc.

  Worker Classification  & Compliance Services: Our compliance team protects you from misclassification risks and reduces your administrative and legal burden

  Consolidated bill and invoice on multiple hire of Tableau freelancers.

  Tableau freelance services online provide flexible plans for Individual employees as well as for corporate clients. Pay Per Ticket (PPT), Pay Per Hour (PPH), Pay Per Month (PPM) & Emergency Support Plan Or Customized Plan

Consulting Range

MaxMunus provides customized Tableau freelance service remotely via online for Individual candidates & corporate clients. MaxMunus is considered as best freelance Tableau consulting company.

MaxMunus has the expertise of all products of IBM, ORACLE, Microsoft, All ERP, Supply Chain, Cloud, etc. Get Tableau guidance in all above-mentioned companies and its product.

MaxMunus is considered as the best website to find and hire Tableau freelancer for implementation and outsourcing projects.  Outsource your Tableau project work or task to us. Our Freelance Tableau crew has deep expertise in products and solutions and has the ability to implement complex solutions and provide post-implementation project support also across anywhere in the world. Some of the areas are mentioned below:

Project management, project quality assurance development, process optimization, and system optimization, workforce system optimizations, implementations and post-implementation support

We can provide you with architect professional, application consultants, technical consultants, management consultants, change management consultants, project management office development & management, project management methodology training, tools, and templates, project quality assurance development, educational services, management & execution of training plans, materials, and manager and end-user training.  Functional and technical application consultants for resolving issues, application support resources for coordinating issues across other teams, technical consulting including application Database Administrators (DBA’s) and Project Managers to provide overall management of your projects. MaxMunus is considered as best freelance Tableau consulting company. Our Tableau freelance subject matter expert services are unmatched. They can deliver 1-hour work to a 1-year contract assignment.

For Details kindly connect us:


Call / WhatsApp: +919035888988

Website Url:

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MetaSyndicate brings a new utility to Ethereum's NFTs, Hold-to-Earn



MetaSyndicate brings a new utility to Ethereum's NFTs, Hold-to-Earn

LONDON, April 7, 2022 — MetaSyndicate is the first of its kind Ethereum Collection! To the extent that it joins the ranks of the world’s premium NFT projects, standing tall alongside BAYC, Bored Ape, Crypto Punks, and Crypto Kitties.

MetaSyndicate is a robust ecosystem that enables its NFT Holders to thrive in the digital economy. Their education programs arm their members with tools for success, while other features include a treasury of high-yielding assets.

MetaSyndicate’s advanced Hold-To-Earn (H2E) technology improves game development by expanding the rise of idle play.

“Our mission is to activate guilds of players, enable local communities, and reward users from anywhere. We’re proud to be in the business of improving people’s lives via philanthropy and financial opportunity.”

The first MetaSyndicate guild starts with 345ETH funding. There are over 2,000+ gamers, also known as scholars, through MetaSyndicate partners that developed a self-paced autonomous system for testing upcoming P2E assets and improving current ones.

“We aim to bring all active gamers — more than 1 billion people across the world — into the P2E economy and together help shape the future of Web3 for the benefit of our holders and the entire ecosystem.”

What is MetaSyndicate? 

“We are committed to empowering our members to unleash their untapped potential. Fostering a safe and supportive online environment where they can practice and rehearse social interactions.”

MetaSyndicate missions make the metaverse a safe, inclusive, and equitable space by aiming to award its players constant rewards through P2E assets. Building a large community of gamers and token holders, MetaSyndicate enables holders to benefit from decentralized finance (De-Fi) opportunities.

About MetaSyndicate

MetaSyndicate is a web 3.0 concept deeply inspired by Isaac Asimov’s literary universe and The Foundation. It represents a collection of only 7777 NFTs meant to offer their holders a collective in-depth experience in the Hold-To-Earn metaverse.

IMPERIALS, SETTLERS, and SPACERS (The Syndicators) are randomly AI bred and brought to life through our minting phases.

Syndicate Treasury is an ever-growing community network of Syndicated projects pushing constant rewards back to the Syndicators.

MetaSyndicate NFTs holders can stake their NFTs in exchange for a native token $SYND unique to the project and used for many future utilities.

Join the MetaSyndicate Discord Community and the weekly Ask-Me-Anything live sessions to meet the team and become a Syndicator!

7777 limited supply at:




Contact: Bogdan Ilie, +40 737 108 506,

Photo –

Cision View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE MetaSyndicate

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Nurturing the next wave of metaverse startups to build on Klaytn



Nurturing the next wave of metaverse startups to build on Klaytn
  • F10 and Klaytn Foundation announces the top 5 web3 startups selected for inaugural Klaytn Incubation Program powered by F10
  • F10 will provide a total of up to USD 500,000 worth of Klay in grants to the startups of 2022 

SINGAPORE, April 7, 2022F10 and Klaytn Foundation are pleased to announce the first 5 startups that have been selected from over 100 applications to participate in the inaugural Klaytn Incubation Program powered by F10. These startups will spend the next 12 weeks undergoing a transformative journey, to develop their innovative web3 ideas or MVPs in gaming, social and content, into viable businesses for the metaverse.

The program, which kicked-off on 4 April 2022, draws on the unique strength of F10, a global fintech incubator, and Klaytn, a dominant interoperable blockchain ecosystem in the web3 industry.

These startups will receive extensive mentoring, access to investor network, program perks and co-working space, as well as technical development and marketing support from Klaytn, and access to wide ranging tools, projects and expertise on the Klaytn ecosystem.  In addition, F10 will be providing a total of up to USD 500,000 worth of Klay in grants to the startups of 2022.

Jonas Thürig, Head of F10 Singapore noted that “We were very impressed with the quality of the startup applications and are proud to now announce the 5 selected startups in the areas of metaverse, gaming and the creator economy. We are very excited on what’s installed for them and can’t wait to fuel their acceleration with this program together with the Klaytn team.”

“F10 has designed a fully tailored curriculum that combines traditional startup elements with web3 programs and benefits from Klaytn,” said David Shin, Head of Klaytn Global Adoption. “Through supporting startups to succeed on the Klaytn ecosystem, we hope to create more possibilities and greater synergies, to unlock more use cases for the metaverse. For this incubation program, not only will we be lending our expertise and resources in web3, but we’ll also be bringing in other web3 partners to share their knowledge and experiences,” he added.

The 5 startups in the inaugural batch 1 are the following:

1) LevelHeroes (Zurich) Combines the magic of blockchain and metaverse technologies, it intends to bridge the gap between centralized gaming communities to bring them decentralized assets to raise funding for their digital assets in a fun and meaningful way. Users are able to engage with and support their favorite aspects of the project, which gives developer teams feedback into what their fanbase is really interested in. Get ready, LevelHeroes is rising up to bind the ties between the gaming universe!

2) Kryptonium (Singapore) beoble is a social module built by Kryptonium, with API and SDK for Web 3.0. It is an on-chain communication window and a true user-owned Web 3.0 product. beoble aims to help other Web 3.0 services integrate social functionalities like creating social profile, instant messaging, posting of feeds into their services, all within 5 minutes.

3) JOOS® (Germany) Is a decentralized app for content creators. We give them the tools to break the chains of platform dependency and to have a direct connection to their community without intermediaries. With JOOS, creators can have a stable and independent income through regular payments by their fans and sell shares to investors, who get a part of the creator’s profits in return.

4) Y2123 (Singapore) Is an NFT-based blockchain game where you play as a citizen scientist racing against time to save Earth from climate change. Inspired by Zoo Tycoon and Tamagotchi, you will have to restore your Land NFTs to good health by finding the right ecological balance of flora and fauna NFTs on it. There will be 4 habitats released in phases, consisting of Savannah, Marine, Rainforest and Urban. Y2123 has sold out its genesis collection and is launching its land and 2nd generation NFTs in April 2022. Advised by a Pew Fellows marine biologist, we also have a philanthropic mission to aid the fight against climate change in real life.  

Currently on Ethereum, with ambitions to build a multichain ecosystem.

5) Dixel Club (South Korea)– Creates non-programmed and user-generated pixel art NFT collectibles where you earn $DIXEL rewards on your PixelFi activities. Dixel Club has three main features. First, anyone can issue the next edition of Dixel Art by sharing the single 16×16 canvas. Also, the NFT minters can earn $DIXEL rewards when a new Dixel Art is generated. Lastly, they can get the $DIXEL tokens that are used to mint the edition back and get the tips received from people when they burn their NFTs.

Applications for next batch starts in July

For more information, click here.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore.

These business expansion activities are supported by the $500m Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.

For more information, please visit

About F10

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with offices in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, and Barcelona. F10’s mission is to unite tech startups with big business to shape the future of banking, insurance and beyond. With its incubators and accelerators covering the fields of Web 3.0 and FinTech, F10 supports and guides startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating collaboration with international organisations.

For more information, please visit

Media contacts

Aaron Koh

Head of Marketing, Klaytn Foundation


Melvin Tan

Program Success Lead, F10


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SOURCE Klaytn Foundation

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