New Beginnings: 6 Steps to Take When Moving to a New Office


New beginnings can be very overwhelming. And office relocation is no different especially if you’re operating a business involving large machinery. You could also be planning to move to your new startup small business. Which is why knowing the effective steps to follow will make your move easier and faster. Here are 6 of these steps.

  1. Plan Your Move

Planning is the most crucial step to take when preparing to move office. Without a plan, you will hardly succeed in moving smoothly. In your plan, you should be able to determine if you’re going to move in phases or on the same date. Also, find out if keys and cards will be necessary for staff to access the new building. Decide if you’re moving all the machinery and stuff or you’ll store some with a storage company.

  1. Hire Professional Moving Company

Moving companies make your moving more convenient. But not any moving company you hire is a guarantee to a smooth and happy moving. Depending on what you want to move and their sizes, you’ll be able to identify the most fit company to move you. For instance, you could’ve installed some machinery in your business which you need to store somewhere safe or take them with. You should, therefore, look for a reputable company that provides these and other services you’ll need. You can visit for more information.

  1. Budget for the Move

After consulting with the moving company, you should be able to budget for the move ahead. This will enable you to know if you’re ready for the move. You won’t want to encounter late surprises when the big day is approaching. The representative from the company will visit your business to check what needs to be moved and what you’ll be charged. Ensure to set aside this amount to allow smooth operations. You may opt for a quick loan if your finances will not be enough to run the process.

  1. Develop a Layout of Your New Office

Does your blueprint match the design of the new office? And does your team agree with the plan? You may visit the new office before the moving day and see if you’ll need a different design or you’ll stick to the previous one. Identify where each employee will be located. What do you want to achieve with your new location? Let every employee have the new layout so they know where to sit and operate. You should also present the layout to your moving company to make the moving process go smoother.

  1. Create Awareness of Your New Location

This involves informing both your employees and customers of your office relocation months in advance. People will be asking different questions concerning your decision to move. And you should try to explain this through meetings, posters, social media or on the website. Remember to also update your Google listings to match your new location. Customers keep your business running, and you don’t want to risk losing them and losing business. Use internal communication to enlighten your employees about the move so they stay aware and prepared.

  1. Identify the best day to move

This is a very important step as well. Even if you’re just moving across the street or to the next city. Identifying the best day will enable you to plan everything ahead and ensure you have all that is required with you before then. Find out if you’re going to move on a weekday or during the weekend then check with the moving company if they’ll be available on this day. You should then inform your staff of this date so they get well prepared as well.


Office moving, whether you’re relocating or moving to your startup business, is a major undertaking. It requires extensive planning in advance and a clear strategy to help avoid major inconvenience when the day comes. These steps will guide you throughout the process. Happy moving.


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