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Sweden Based Startup LocalizeDirect Raises $1.1 Million for Gridly – a Headless CMS Tailor-made for Game Developers



Sweden-based localization and software company LocalizeDirect announces an investment of SEK10,264,530 (USD1,130,802) from Entreprenörinvest, owned by The IKEA Family Foundation and a number of Swedish venture capital firms and private individuals, including Innovum Invest. Former investors also participated in the financing round. Jan Andersson, a founder and former CEO of ReadSoft (now Kofax), will join LocalizeDirect’s Board of Directors.

The funding will support the launch and development of Gridly – a collaborative headless CMS for multilingual game projects. Gridly is currently in beta and will be released in September 2020.

The trend we’ve seen for the last few years is a shift to a continuous development of games – games as a service. Instead of a one-time launch, developers now push out new content frequently, often on a weekly basis, in multiple languages. Managing game data (such as strings, IAP, gameplay variables) for agile multiplatform and multilanguage releases is time-consuming and can rapidly spiral out of control. Gridly facilitates this process, allowing the product teams to cooperate more efficiently time- and cost-wise,” says LocalizeDirect’s Managing Director Christoffer Nilsson.

Gridly has an open API, spreadsheet UI and features version control, branching, granular user access control and localization support. LocalizeDirect offers development companies plans depending on their project’s sizes, starting with a free tier.

The demand for agile, high-quality localization technology and services will continue to grow. It is already a key success factor in the game industry, but it is evident that the need for localization also grows fast in many other areas. LocalizeDirect is very well positioned to grow in this market and Gridly has the potential to become the preferred solution for many companies in many industries,” Jan Andersson, the Board Member of Entreprenörinvest and Innovum Invest underlines.

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Unstop rejects the highest ever ₹5 Cr Shark Tank India offer!



Unstop rejects sharktank india offer

India is the land of enterprising businessmen who have made a name for themselves on a
global scale. Gone are the days when running and owning a business was restricted to just the
rich. With Shark Tank’s Season 2, Ab pura India samjhega business ki sahi value!

Millions of viewers tune in to each episode of Shark Tank India. Some are still harping on about Ashneer Grover and his rough-round-the-edges remark. While others are truly enthralled by the sheer ingenuity of some of the startups.

With every mid-sentence cut to break, the audience is at the edge of their seats. Will this pitch
get an offer? Or this offer was a pass for them? The Sharks too, are playing to the ebb and flow
of the show and using their wit and knowledge to share the most useful insights.
One Delhi-based startup, Unstop, saw hungry sharks circling around it with ample poking,
prodding, and name-calling!

Unstop and Shark Tank: Founded by Ankit Aggrawal, Unstop is an early talent engagement
and hiring platform that helps talented individuals from untapped corners of the country find theirplace in the job market. Through its platform, Unstop connects these individuals with the right employers and helps them build the skills and experience they need to succeed. On the other hand, employers leverage Unstop to Brand, Source, Engage, Assess, and Hire right candidates.
Today, the startup has a community of 4.5 million students, freshers, and professionals with 0-5 years of experience.
As soon as Ankit Aggarwal hit the stage, the Sharks were captivated by his pitch. At one point,
they had to jolt out of the trance and one of the Sharks said, “Please stop Unstop!” Some say
that the secret to a Sharks’ favor is having your numbers, comms, and charisma on point, and
Ankit delivered on all three!

He received an offer of ₹5 crores for 10% equity from Amit Jain. The Unstoppable Ankit was
quick to decline the offer saying that it wouldn’t be fair to dilute that much equity and wanted to respect and increase the valuation at which his team was given shares, not VCs. Then we were all made aware of Ankit Aggarwal’s poise, so much so that Namita Thapar ended up calling him Ankit Makhanwal! After a little back and forth, and some negotiations, Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Amit Jain finally agreed on investing ₹2 crores for 4% equity.

The bank may not be as full now but a deal that made sense for all stakeholders was finally
made. As a founder, it is important that you have one eye on the bank and also a tap on the
pulse of your team. Money in a business does take you a long way, but a happy team takes you
much further.

Shark Tank India in its second season is ticking all the boxes and hitting all the right notes. The pitches made are nothing short of spectacular. Let’s wait and watch what the entrepreneurs of India have in store for us.

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CropX Acquires Tule, Further Expands in California with New Solutions for Specialty Crops and Drip Irrigation



CropX Acquires Tule, Further Expands in California with New Solutions for Specialty Crops and Drip Irrigation

NAPA, Calif., Jan. 31, 2023 — CropX Technologies, a global leader in digital solutions for agronomic farm management, today announced its acquisition of Tule Technologies, a precision irrigation company based in California. This acquisition brings new data capture technologies to the CropX Agronomic Farm Management System and expands its market in California drip-irrigated specialty crops.

The CropX system offers its users real-time mobile and desktop insights and advice on irrigation, disease control, nutrient management and more, based on above-ground crop sensing data and below-ground soil monitoring. Tule brings a complementary new mode of data collection from above the plant canopy that precisely determines crop water use, which will enhance CropX’s artificial intelligence predictions, recommendations, and automations, and add to its solutions for drip-irrigated specialty crops such as tree-nuts and vineyards.

Effective immediately, all Tule employees will join CropX, adding expansive on-farm and client service expertise in the specialty crop and drip irrigation space, as well as technology talent to CropX’s growing global team.

“We are excited to welcome Tule to CropX, expanding our offerings to our customers to solve agronomic problems. With Tule’s canopy data incorporated into the CropX system, CropX is adding a new and powerful dimension to the world’s most complete precision irrigation solution,” said Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX Technologies.

“At Tule, we’ve admired CropX for their agronomic expertise, engineering excellence, and global ambition,” said Dr. Tom Shapland, CEO of Tule Technologies. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to join the CropX team.”

The acquisition comes at a time of increasing demand for precise watering technologies in agriculture. “The farming industry is at the frontlines of global challenges to balance food security with water and other natural resources,” said Dr. John Gates, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product at CropX. “We are committed to helping our customers manage water confidently and efficiently with technology. Tule’s unique tech and vast experience with California vineyards and orchards are a perfect fit.”

This is the fourth acquisition CropX has made since 2020 and the second US-based company. CropX acquired Nebraska-based CropMetrics in the first quarter (Q1) of 2020, New Zealand-based Regen in Q4 of 2020, and Netherlands-based Dacom Farm Intelligence in Q3 2021, in each case adding expertise, technologies, customers, data and expanding markets.

About CropX Technologies

CropX Technologies is one of the fastest growing providers of agribusiness farm management solutions in the world, deployed in over 60 countries and across all arable continents. The CropX Agronomic Farm Management System synthesizes data from the earth and sky to offer advanced soil and crop intelligence and a suite of digital decision support and planning tools, all on an easy-to-use app capable of tracking multiple farms and fields. CropX is backed by the world’s leading agribusinesses and VCs, who recognize that CropX’s precision-ag technologies set new standards for best practices in environmental sustainability and farm productivity. Learn more at

About Tule Technologies

Founded in 2014 with backing from Y-Combinator and others, Tule (pronounced “too-lee”) combines proprietary technology, agronomic expertise, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide farmers with irrigation decision support solutions. Their unique in-field sensor, developed at the University of California, Davis, is the only commercially available device for measuring Actual Evapotranspiration (i.e., the water use of a farm field). The company’s customers include the winemakers who tend to coastal California’s most prized vineyards to the agronomists who farm thousands of acres of tree crops in California’s inland valleys.

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Hanna Day-Woodruff

Communications Specialist

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ClimeCo Acquires 3GreenTree To Enrich Ecosystems Around the World



ClimeCo Acquires 3GreenTree To Enrich Ecosystems Around the World

To enhance the sustainable management of nature and deliver environmental, social, and economic benefits, ClimeCo is excited to announce the acquisition of 3GreenTree Ecosystem Service Ltd. (3GreenTree). ClimeCo, a global sustainability advisor with a harmony of industrial and nature-based carbon solutions that meet the diverse needs of their clients’ climate programs, believes that resilient systems depend on locally derived and market-based solutions.

The acquisition of 3GreenTree is integral to ClimeCo’s growth and investment in carbon removals.

“We are delighted to add the depth and breadth of experience that 3GreenTree brings to ClimeCo,” says Erika Schiller, ClimeCo’s Senior Vice President of Project Development. “Our Project Development Team has been working with 3GreenTree on many opportunities to build carbon models, assess and manage risk, and deliver better turn-key projects. They are integral to ClimeCo’s growth and investment in carbon removals.”

Since 2008, 3GreenTree has developed environmental credits from forest carbon removal projects, generating maximum value and putting markets to work on the path to net-zero emissions. They’ve established an unparalleled reputation for excellence and quality service regarding emission reduction targets, project development, and natural resource analysis and modeling.

“With ClimeCo’s talent and resources and 3GreenTree’s leading-edge carbon expertise, we can now develop turn-key projects in new and important ecosystems,” says Clive Welham, ClimeCo’s new VP of Nature-Based Solutions (formerly 3GreenTree’s Managing Director). “Repositories of vast stores of Blue Carbon, such as mangroves, sea grasses, and title wetlands, are badly degraded or completely lost. Together, we will enhance our removal project efforts by contributing to climate change mitigation, water and food security, water pollution abatement, improved human health, biodiversity loss, and reduced disaster risk.”

ClimeCo is excited about the opportunities to capitalize on developments in the nature-based solutions space and is inspired to generate results that benefit people, the environment, and the climate.

About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is a respected global advisor, transaction facilitator, trader, and developer of environmental commodity market products and related solutions. We specialize in voluntary carbon, regulated carbon, renewable energy credits, plastics credits, and regional criteria pollutant trading programs.  Complementing these programs is a team of professionals skilled in providing sustainability program management solutions and developing and financing of GHG abatement and mitigation systems.

For more information or to discuss how ClimeCo can drive value for your organization, contact us through our website Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using our handle, @ClimeCo.

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