Swedish start-up launches Trippy – a portable place and play speaker perfect for parties

Bamboo speaker with Place and Play Technology – No cables, No Bluetooth pairing needed.

 Stockholm, Sweden July 18, 2017 –The Stockholm and Shanghai-based tech collective Trippy has just launched their first product – the Trippy speaker, an innovative portable speaker that takes all the hassle out of mobile DJ’ing. Thanks to its Place and Play technology, Trippy doesn’t need to be paired with Bluetooth – users simply put their smartphone on Trippy to play their music through a magnetic sound system. With no pairing needed, there’s no annoying Bluetooth issues to put a damper on the party – users just pick a song, press play, place their smartphone on Trippy – and enjoy the music.

Trippy is the ultimate portable party speaker. Trippy’s functional and minimalistic Scandinavian design looks great in any room at home, and is perfect for trips, parties and picnics outdoors. Trippy is crafted out of organic bamboo, a material chosen both for its acoustic qualities and its sustainable nature – the carbonated bamboo has a slightly dark, and sophisticated aesthetic, and the cloth on the speakers comes in different colors.

Unlike traditional portable speakers on the market, Trippy works with magnetic Place and Play technology: by utilizing four strategically placed magnetic inductors, Trippy reads the electromagnetic fields generated by your phone’s internal speaker. The sound is then transmitted as conventional electric signals to Trippy’s sound system.With Place and Play, users can forget about pairing issues and power loss – changing phones to play music on Trippy is seamless, and as easy as pressing play.

About Trippy

Trippy was co-founded in 2016 by Alexander Ocieczek and Erik Larsson, two friends based on each side of the globe. Alexander works in management consulting in Shanghai, and Erik works in a law firm in Stockholm. Their love for music and product design led them to their passion project Trippy, which is now fully prototyped, refined, rested and ready to go. To take pre-orders for a large scale production, the company has decided to launch on Kickstarter, where Trippy is available to pre-order, starting from $ 70 for early bird backers.

Campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1655950346/81936929?token=60315736


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