This Startup will help you relive the memories of your loved ones

When someone loses his/her loved one, the only thing that remains is the memory of the departed soul. Giving this memory a digital platform and helping people remember their loved ones through pictures, videos and biographies is a Startup from Gujrat

Founded by Vivek Vyas and Vimal Popat, is India’s first ‘memorial’ portal. allows you to dedicate a page  to the deceased, along with all necessary information. One can post and share biographies and family details along with photos and videos on the portal. The portal also gives you the option of selecting a background music. People from all over the world can post their messages and condolences on that profile page, making sure the person stays alive in our memory even though he/she is no longer living.

On the portal, people can also receive death and birth anniversary reminders. Each profile page can be regarded as an abridged version of one’s loved one’s life history. Right from the information about his/her personal and professional life to photographs , videos , family tree and more.


Unlike a newspaper obituary which remains discarded in the corner of a house, Shradhanjali helps people pay tribute to their loved ones on a digital platform which can keep the records safe forever!

“The idea came in fluke while having snacks as the snacks were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page we felt bit disturbed and these as it looked so insulting to see tribute pages being used to serve snacks. We thought “can’t these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” these questions gave birth to sole purpose was to maintain decorum of our ancestors” said Vivek Vyas to Times of Startups.

According to Vivek, Non-technical background and lack of domain was the biggest challenge when they plunged into the unknowns of entrepreneurship. But the zeal to provide new service and willingness to learn made it easy for them to survive and flourish.

Shradhanjali.ccom has been enlisted in the India Book of Records and the Limca Book of records for 2014. It has also won the Manthan South West India award, Amrita TBI Pitch Fest Bangalore 2015 and the BigB plan contest by Viridian ESpark.

Recognizing the importance of having a mobile site, the duo is planning to launch a mobile site very soon along with more features.

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