What is Industrial Dehumidification and which Startups and Businesses should use it?

What is Industrial Dehumidification ?

Dehumidification involves removing moisture from the air or a gas. Industrial dehumidification process involves controlling relative humidity and dew point in various industrial applications. In other words Industrial Dehumidifiers use refrigeration components to reduce the dew point of air to so that undesirable condensing or sweating on machine surfaces is prevented. Designed for use in the plastics industryAn Industrial dehumidifier should be capable of properly removing air moisture along with meeting location specific standards. One of the reasons why Industrial Dehumidifiers should be preferred over A/C systems is the increased percent relative humidity brought on by the decreased room temperature. Moreover A/C systems waste more energy. In addition to this, a good Industrial Dehumidifier should eliminate the problems of clogging and caking of pneumatic transports, storage silos of pulverized products.

Which industries use Industrial Dehumidifiers?

Industrial Dehumidification technology is used in different industries such as:

  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial bakeries and pastries
  • Chemical industry
  • Waste and fresh water treatment plants
  • Archive storage facilities
  • Indoor grow rooms etc..

These days various Industrial Dehumidifier various Options are available like Horizontal or vertical configuration Indoor or outdoor installation (horizontal only), Roof top, curb mounted ,Water source cooling, External gas or electric heat, Internal hot water heat etc.

What factors should be considered before you select an Industrial Dehumidifier for your Industrial Startup?

  • The industrial dehumidifier should be able to reduce the relative humidity in your plant air to protect your manufacturing equipment.
  • The industrial dehumidifier should be able to achieve dew point temperatures of 40-45°F.
  • The industrial dehumidifier should be able to incorporate the use of desiccant air driers.
  • They should be made of primarily made of steel or heavy duty plastic.
  • They should be able to remove up to 160 pints.
  • They should have high adjustability.
  • A good dehumidifier should have Hot Gas Defrosting feature etc.


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