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In this Interview, Kieron talks about living a laptop lifestyle and the myths and realities behind making money online



Kieron is a Digital Marketing expert living a life many envy. He is living a life which many refer to as Laptop lifestyle.

Laptop lifestyle, according to Kieron, is the ability and freedom to travel to places you like and work from wherever you are without being tied to an office. In this Interview, Kieron tells us what inspired him to start his entrepreneurial journey and how with hard work and after being equipped with the right skill set, making money online can be a reality.

Kindly describe your journey as an entrepreneur so far.

We put our time and money and hustle every day. This takes us away from our families and our freedom to do whatever we dream. I worked for more than 5 years slowly working my way up the ladder, the higher I got, the more stressful it became.
This was the moment I decided to research other ways and methods of generating a good income, I desperately wanted freedom and to be able to spend more time with family.

What according to you is financial freedom?

Financial freedom isn’t all about the money you get, its about how you spend that money. Not having to worry about paying your bills when you’re in a different country, not having to worry about what your next paycheck will be.

What are some of the myths around making money online?

A lot of people think that schemes like these are get rich quick schemes. While many claim to be exactly that, we do not. Our training system takes hardwork, dedication and determination. Unlike a lot of other schemes, we actually offer 1 on 1 guidance throughout your time as a Change member.

You have helped several individuals escape their 9-5 routine. How easy or difficult it is to achieve this freedom? What are some of the most important things one should keep in mind before starting an online venture?

It all depends on how much work you want to put in. We actually see many people apply to the “Inner Circle” membership, which is our highest right now and we often reject people because they will message us saying “I want a Lamborghini” or “I want to be rich”. This isn’t the attitude, you will have to take some falls to make this work but if you DO put in the right amount of work, you WILL succeed in this industry.

Online marketing, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing, if done right, can yield tremendous financial results. Tell us something more about these tools for making money online.

These tools are incredible and although popular, there is still a lot of money to be made in the online world. People often think you need to be this really highly-skilled businessman to make money online when in reality, you actually need to learn a certain skillset (which we teach).

Any business needs time for it to establish. This holds true for any online business too. However, many people give up too early after entering the online ecosystem. What are your views on this aspect of online success? In your experience, do you think that people lack patience when it comes to making money online?

Yes definitely. But I don’t think this is necessarily that person’s fault most of the time. A lot of the training systems out there claim to help the person become rich within a week or two and therefore a lot of people set expectations too high. I had to step out of my comfort zone to make this thing work, you have to step out of your comfort zone or it just will not work how you thought of.

What would be your suggestion to someone who is planning to start an independent online venture?

If you’re planning on starting an online venture, make sure you reach out to the right people. Make sure you put in the hard work. Don’t let small downfalls get you down, this is to be expected. We have all gone through them but once you get past them and start seeing results, it really can change your life. We at Change want to help you, reach out to us and let us show you what can be done.

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Deborah Lee Fong Plays Lead Role as Part of the Urban World Film Festival Live Screenplay Readings



Veteran Actor/Dancer in Theater and on Television Brought Her Unique Talents to the Heart of New York for Special Performances at the 23rd Annual Festival

(New York, NY) — Renowned Actress and Dancer Deborah Lee Fong recently appeared as Agnes in the production of “Secret Santa” during the Live Screenplay Readings as part of this year’s Urban World Film Festival. The event was presented by BET in partnership with the Writers Guild of America East.

Known for her starring and supporting roles in “Footsteps” and “Footsteps 2” on PBS, the film “You and Your Decisions”, and countless national Theater productions, the energetic bilingual Panamanian American performer has been acting and dancing in theater/television for over 30 years. Versatile and engaging, she can seemingly play any character and also specializes in Salsa and pole dancing. Deborah was thrilled to be involved in this year’s festival as Agnes in “Secret Santa”.

The Urbanworld Film Festival, founded in 1997 by Stacy Spikes, is one of the largest internationally competitive festivals of its kind. Each year, they curate a slate of films representing the broadest lens of diversity across stories, characters, themes, and cultures. Urbanworld is a five-day festival, anchored in film, showcasing narrative and documentary features, short films, spotlight screenings and conversations, and live staged screenplay readings.

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Startup Accelerator and Incubators: Benefits and Drawbacks




pros and cons of startup accelerators

Launching a startup is no easy feat. It requires hard work, planning and resources which often leads founders and their team to look for external support. Whether you’re just developing an idea or looking for outside funding, an accelerator or incubator program may be the answer. 

While partnering with an accelerator or incubator program can be pivotal in pushing your startup to that “next level”, it’s important to keep in mind there are both benefits and drawbacks. Whether you decide to apply for a program will depend on what’s important to your startup, its unique needs and growth roadmap. Each accelerator program is unique in its offerings and timeline. Let’s outline the pros and cons below. 

Accelerator or Incubator Benefits:

  • Funding Opportunities: Funding can range from seed funding to angel investors or venture capitalists who assist with fundraising. Amounts range from anywhere from $10,000 to half a million dollars. 
  • Free Office Space: Typically looks like a co-working space with a conference room, which is important because it can limit recurring expenses and encourage collaboration with your team.
  • Mentorship: This aspect is crucial for a lot of founders, since every startup will face roadblocks or make mistakes. A network allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs and understand how they overcame hurdles.
  • Resources: Resources range from intellectual property to legal advice. There can also be discounted programs or products. 

Accelerator or Incubator Drawbacks:

  • Giving Up Equity: Many accelerator programs require that you give up some form of equity. When new investors join the table, you should consider how they will benefit or contribute to the startup over its lifetime. Consider the team equity, ability to raise future funding, or your return on investment after the program is over. 
  • Not Enough Time or Funding: It’s also important to note that accelerator programs often have limited timelines. These can range from three months to six or more months. Meaning, if you don’t have enough funding or time, you can leave the program with little progress or growth. 

Wherever you are in the growth stage, it’s helpful to weigh your options by checking out different programs. Check out an interactive table Embroker compiled over 160 accelerators and incubators around the world. Sort by factors such as location, mentorship, office space, or demo day to find the unique program for your startup. The program you ultimately choose should depend on where you need support and if the program is a natural fit with your team and goals.


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In this Interview, Marcus Parker talks about the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Business and about his Emotional Healing Toolbox



Wouldn’t it be great if schools taught students how to control emotions better? Sadly, traditional schools fail to impart key life lessons to students. Marcus Parker is the Founder of MPositive and he is on a mission to fill this gap. In this interview, he shares emotions in general and how his ‘Emotional Healing Toolbox’ is helping people have better control over their emotions.

Marcus, Thank you for talking with us. Tell us more about your journey as an entrepreneur so far.

As an entrepreneur, my journey has been difficult, many more downs than ups. I didn’t know many entrepreneurs growing up so I had to learn a lot On the job. I started with a book in 2004 called “The Product”, which I would place on consignment at stores and promote it. From there I made motivational rap CDs, and just kept building my product base.

How important it is to have control over your emotions in business?

It is very important to have control over your emotions because in business there will always be problems. You can’t let every problem charge your emotions negatively. It is ok to feel low sometimes but what is more important is how quickly you overcome your emotions.

Running a business is not that easy and you have to deal with the ups and downs on a regular basis. How can business owners have better control over their emotional state during challenging times?

Business owners can make better emotional decisions by self-evaluating which triggers affect their emotions. Getting to the root of your triggers is paramount. More often than not, a thorough introspection will help you analyse the root cause of the issues affection your emotional balance.

Traditional teaching methodologies do not focus on key skills that help us live an emotionally fulfilled life. What is your opinion on the current state of affairs? How can we bring upon positive changes?

All our lives we were not taught emotional intelligence which allows us to understand ourselves and others. We have inbreed biases and triggers which control us to a certain extent.

If we look at ourselves in the mirror, we will understand that we are really driven by biases that may have been created in our lives through false narratives from the past.

Tell us more about your “Emotional Healing Toolbox”. How does it help individuals overcome emotional issues?

The emotional healing toolbox contains over 15 years of hard work in motivation and emotional intelligence. It contains ebooks, training classes, videos, motivational music, and lessons.

It is great for parents and teachers who are usually tasked with handling their own emotions on top of their families and emotions of their classes as well. I am a parent of 4 and I know how hard it is to take time for yourself when others constantly need you.

I think that we can bring a positive change if everyone started to look inside and fix themselves instead of pointing fingers and blaming others. I once read a quote that said” An unhealed person will take offense to everything others do. A healed person understands that the actions of others have nothing to do with them. ” Can’t remember who said that but I thought it was profound.

The toolbox can help individuals by teaching them the root of their triggers and biases and help them to begin the healing process. There is a lot of FREE info inside. For further value addition, there are in-app purchases as well.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has thrown unforeseen challenges for businesses. Being in a right emotional state is important more than ever. What suggestion would you give to business owners so that they can overcome this challenge better?

This pandemic is making emotional intelligence and healing more and more important. To overcome the stresses of day to day life we need to be able to get over so much that before the pandemic it was easier to ignore. Now we are seeing relationship problems, problems with parents communicating with their teens etc. We should all take this time to self-reflect and I believe that the Emotional Healing toolbox can help immensely.

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