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How Freelancers Can Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Crisis



There is hardly an industry or a world country that hasn’t been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. What started as a medical crisis soon turned into an economic disaster. As people were instructed to stay at home and distance socially, workers lost their jobs, so now there are millions of people on the brink of survival.

Freelancers were hit especially hard because they didn’t have a huge corporation to stand behind them. In order to stay in business, us freelancer have to stay positive and come up with innovative ways to revive our business when the COVID-19 outbreak subsides.

It’s OK to accept help

Humans tend to be overly proud sometimes, refusing to accept help from anyone. However, the situation of the global economy is such that you cannot stay afloat financially unless you accept and even seek out a helping hand. If your friends, family, and business partners are offering short-term loans, don’t hesitate to take them.

Furthermore, explore what banks have to offer and find out if the national or regional government is offering subsidies for people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. The interest rates of coronavirus-related grants and loans are symbolic, so they’ll help you stay liquid without incurring too much debt.

Staying positive all the way

The less work you have on your hands because of the coronavirus crisis, the more free time you have. In fact, you might have the most free time you have had in years. Don’t let this time go to waste, as you need to stay productive, even if you’re not profitable.

The worst thing you can do is lament over your faith, as billions of people are affected by the pandemic. On the contrary, take up guitar lessons, practice your driving skill, or attend an online seminar; whatever will make you a better person and a professional when the outbreak is over. Staying positive all the way is among the top priorities for every employed person, not only freelancers.

Staying in touch

Although it is true that social distancing can significantly reduce the spread of the virus, this doesn’t mean that you should withdraw from social life altogether. It is not necessary for two people to physically meet o stay in touch, especially now when there is a myriad of online communication channels. In fact, you can conduct business operations through video conferencing without the need for any downloads or plugins for all users.

When it comes to your personal life, now that everyone is staying at home is the right time to send them a message or pick up the phone and call them. As people across the globe are learning to take things slowly, you can use this opportunity for networking and getting ready for post-pandemic life.

The time to revise your contracts

If you’ve had a lot of clients and sent and received a lot of payments during the previous years, then you probably haven’t had the time to revise your contract policies. Taking the time to amend them now will help you stay (financially) safe in the future.

The biggest alteration you need to make is the stage of the project you get paid, i.e. when do you receive the money. Ideally, you should receive the payment before the project start but getting the payment half-way through is still a good option.

The worst-case scenario is that you get paid after the job is done, which puts you at great risk. Freelancers don’t have tons of cash to go about, so you need a constant influx of dollar bills.

Now is the time to be innovative

It might not seem like a good idea at first but now that’s you have fewer clients and less work at hand is the ideal time to innovate. A good industrial mechanic will tell you that they overhaul machinery when it stops working, so the same principle can easily be applied to your freelancing career.

The lockdown is the best time to test an app or extend the array of services or goods you offer. Like we’ve stated earlier, you can use this time to educate yourself as well through learning new skills online. This of this effort as a spiteful personal countermeasure against the havoc the coronavirus has wreaked in the global economy.

Don’t cancel everything; put in on hold

The reason why people lose their jobs is that clients have ceased all work. The same thing is happening to freelancers worldwide but instead of indolently accepting cancellations from clients, try to place them on hold.

If you “park,” a project, it will be easier to restart it once the outbreak loses momentum. A cancelled job means that you have to start the whole process all over again and that’s only if the client doesn’t hire a different freelancer.

Remodel your offer

Finally, you should rethink your offer and try to stay in the business despite the lockdown and cancelled deals. Yes, we are referring to going online. If you’re a schoolteacher, then you can offer online classes to your students, both group and individual ones.

Remodelling your offer involves additional market research to estimate what has changed. We guarantee you that the need for your goods and services is still there but the format has changed completely. Brick and mortar stores going online is the best example of businesses adjusting to the new reality.

Times are hard for freelancers but staying positive about future prospects is the only guarantee you will stay afloat. From accepting help to rethinking your business model there are numerous ways to proactively approach the coronavirus crisis and its consequences.


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Quick solutions to keep your Mac as good as new



keep your Mac as good as new

Loading! Loading! Loading!

Are you also tired of this sign? Do you often think about the good old days when your Mac was working smoothly? Is slow processing of Mac becoming a hindrance in your work? If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes,’ then the thought of purchasing a new Mac must have crossed your mind at least once. 

But, hang on!

Before you Google for a new Mac, you must understand that after using a system for a while, it might cause some hassles. Of course, replacing or buying a new device every time your device starts to lag or slow down is not a practical solution.

Besides, most people don’t have time to send the device to the service center. In fact, surviving even a day without Mac will negatively affect your work. Therefore, we have collected a few measures that’ll help troubleshoot the problem and make your Mac work like it’s brand new.

To learn more about it, keep on reading!

Regularly backup your file

Generally, when the storage of your device gets full, it starts lagging. Imagine you need to do urgent work, but your Mac won’t support you. It’ll be a daytime nightmare!

You don’t have to face such a situation. It is advisable to keep the space in your Mac free (at least 10% of the disk space). How? You can create backup files in cloud storage, USB, or hard drive and delete unnecessary folders. This way, you’ll be able to free up some space, and your Mac will start running fast just like when you bought it.

Don’t forget to clear the cache

Talking about clearing Mac space, people tend to forget clearing the junk and cache files. Later it affects the processing of the device. If you don’t know how to remove it, various websites on the internet can provide you with good tips and techniques to clear the cache. There are three types of cache in Mac: System cache, Browser cache, and App cache. So make sure that you’ve deleted all the files.

Protection against malware

One of the myths about Mac is that it is not vulnerable to malware and viruses. That is the reason why most Mac users do not install anti-malware or antivirus software. However, once any virus enters your device, it will affect the processing of the system.

That’s why, to protect your Mac from every virus and threat, you should install antivirus software. It will help in detecting any harmful files and will safeguard the device by restricting the downloads.

Keep your system software up-to-date

Last but most importantly, always update your system software. Usually, software updates fix the bugs and help smooth functioning, eventually making it easy to work efficiently. To update the software:

  1. Go to system preferences
  2. Select the software update icon
  3. Click the update now button (if update are available)

That’s it! Your Mac will be good to go.


There will be times when you are in a hurry and need to submit quality work. In such a scenario, Mac becomes your best friend that’ll help you. However, to ensure that this best friend stays with you for a long time, you need to take care of it by updating it regularly, keeping backup and clearing cache, and making space.

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4 Material Handling Tips for a Safer Workplace



Material Handling Tips

It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to; when you are dealing with heavy loads, it is crucial for you to follow the right safety protocols for everyone’s safety. Material handling is something that a lot of factories and warehouses have to deal with on a daily basis and is a common part of a worker’s job. However, this simple task can become quite dangerous if you are not following safe material handling techniques. That is why it is vital for every company to provide their workers with guidelines and equipment that can help them move materials safely. In this article, I have mentioned a few material handling tips that can help you make your workplace safer; let’s have a look:

Design the Workplace Right

The workplace design plays an important role in material handling and can make your workers’ job easier if done right. That is why it is recommended that you design an ergonomic workplace to keep the risk to a minimum. The main ergonomic risk factors include forceful extensions, poor postures, and repetitive motions. Pushing and pulling materials or repeating the same motions repeatedly can cause injuries and long-term health damage among workers. You can improve the ergonomics of your workplace by focusing on a design that is best suitable for your industry and will make things convenient for your workers.

Invest in Conveyor Systems

Another great way of mitigating material handling risks is to invest in conveyor systems. If your warehouse or factory is moving a considerable amount of materials every day, then it is only wise to invest in conveyor systems. By installing conveyor systems at your workplace, you can streamline the process, making things easier for workers. You will also not need the same amount of man force once you have installed conveyor systems. Also, not only it helps you save resources, but it also saves you plenty of time by transporting goods from one place to another in a very small amount of time. If you want to boost your ROI by saving resources and time, you must consider investing in conveyor systems. You can check Mainway Handling to learn more about conveyor systems and how they can help with material handling.

Provide the Right Protective Gear

It is the responsibility of the management to provide their workers with the right protective gear. Accidents happen all the time, and not all of them can be avoided. Having the right protective gear can protect your workers from serious injuries. That is why it is strictly recommended that you provide all your staff with complete gear that can protect them in case of an accident. You should provide them with the following equipment:

  • Eye protective gear, i.e., safety goggles
  • Steel Toed Boots
  • Forearm Pads and Knee Pads
  • Thick Gloves for Finger protection
  • Metatarsal guards for Foot safety

Make wearing protective gear mandatory for all the workers in the workplace. It is vital that you implement this rule strictly so that the workers won’t act irresponsibly.

Educate Your Workers about Body Mechanics

It is vital for your workers to understand body mechanics and avoid postures and movements that can cause them long term injuries. You must teach them about body mechanics to ensure that they are moving the right way and are at no risk of any serious injuries. You can do this by providing them booklets with instructions, and you can also arrange training seminars for them. You should also make every new worker go through a short training process to teach them how to do their job safely.

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