Fountains In The Workplace: What Are The Benefits?

Even if you are very happy at your job, you likely have days where all you want is to head home for the day. The stress of being a professional can become overwhelming at times. If you are down about the workplace, a table water fountain may be just what you need to get yourself back on track.

There are a number of benefits that are associated with fountains in the office. They look great, for one thing. But, they can also help to reduce stress and help you to think more clearly as you are going about your tasks for the day.

Read on to learn more about the benefits associated with table top fountains.

Stress Relief

When you add a fountain to your office, for example, from Luxe water walls, it can help cut back on the amount of stress you feel. For a long time, the sound of water has been associated with relaxation. It is a steady, calming noise that blocks out any other sounds that may be upsetting or distracting. These fountains help you to feel at peace, even when you are at the office. If you are having a difficult moment, take a break, shut your eyes, and focus on the sound of the water. It won’t take long before you feel ready to get back to the task at hand.


Table top water fountains are beautiful, and they add a lot to your office decor. You can find one of these fountains to fit just about any space; there are different sizes, designs and styles. Simply think about where you want to put your fountain and then choose one that will look good in that space.


If you need a little extra stimulation, you can use your water fountain for aromatherapy. Pick the essential oil that you like the best and add a drop or two to the water. Your office will smell great! One nice choice is lavender. Peppermint is also a good selection, particularly if you need some extra energy at work.


Your office likely has an HVAC unit. While these units serve a vital purpose, they often leave the air very dry. That is not good for your skin and may even increase the amount of stress you feel. A fountain with a light can act as a humidifier of sorts. So, not only does it look good, but it can also help your health in more ways than one.

Many people think that fountains are attractive, but they believe the benefits end there. As you can see, that is not the case; a fountain has a lot to offer.

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