Here is how United Shipping Pro aims at revolutionizing the Shipping Industry

According to S&P Global Ratings 2018, demand in the three main segments of the global shipping industry (dry bulk, tankers, and containers) will outstrip supply for the first time in several years. Moreover, sustained global demand for commodities will be essential for further improvement of dry bulk shipping rates. By the end of September, the shipping sector has recorded earnings growth of 4%-5 %.

Tapping into this huge market potential with the aim of providing affordable and efficient logistics service is United Shipping Pro. United shipping pro Began in 2008 as a small group of friends organizing shipments, product inspection and warehousing for themselves and other smaller clients. Then they set up a small office in Shenzhen and began to work with larger shipping companies to consolidate shipments. The company is a subsidiary of UK registered company Rennaisance Global Group Manyane.

The Brainchild of Zambian born charismatic entrepreneur Joseph Kambani Banda, United Pro Shipping has the vision of providing logistics services that are pro customers and are efficient in every sense of the word. Though the company provides a range of Logistics services, their core competency lies in servicing customers who are sending products to Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). Over a period of time, United shipping Pro has become one of the major players in the shipping industry, especially in the Shenzhen area. However, they also have their registered offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa with partners all over the world.

The Company now employs directly more than 53 employees, both full and part-time, including freelancers and gradually they have become one of the most preferred amazon FBA freight forwarder. United Pro Shipping has clear-cut goals: To Revolutionize the shipping industry by providing great rates and speed along with top class customer service and to automate the shipping process and encourage greater transparency (They also provide real-time tracking for all the shipments, even for sea shipping!).

United Shipping Pro is now one of the companies that are slowly becoming a leading contender in the shipping industry. United Pro Shipping is offering their services to both small and large clients and has gradually become one of the best choices when shipping from China to USA, UK and other countries.

With the revival in the shipping industry, United Shipping Pro is planning to set up an official company Head Quarters in Honk Kong or Singapore in 2019. However, a lot of the decisions will be made in the coming few weeks. This obviously depends on the living requirements of the company’s core staff, ease of set up in the concerned countries and tax implications.

The company currently doesn’t have any plans yet to go public. Their main focus right now is to prove themselves in the shipping industry by providing quality services and to bring more experts on board. Also, right now, they want to focus more on completing their automation process.

Around a year back, the fear among the members of the Shipping Industry was that the increasing prices may lead to higher costs of operation coupled with higher prices of fuel and parts as well as poor market conditions. However, the market conditions have improved and companies like United Shipping Pro are all geared up to tap the opportunities this sector has to offer.